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At delaware, candidate centricity is just one of things we strongly believe in as recruiters. Additionally – although we don’t mean to toot our own horn here – we’re proud of the company we recruit for. We all fulfil our role as a delaware ambassador with a true passion and genuine commitment.

You see, our ultimate goal is not only to hire candidates who are a good match with our culture but also to see a smile on their face whenever we happen to bump into someone we’ve recruited. And that’s exactly why we’re looking for a new colleague: so we can further improve our focus on our candidates while also making room for a whole new set of innovative (and fun!) recruitment projects.

Are you the Junior Recruiter we’re looking for to join the most dynamic recruitment team around?

What will you be doing?

  • You’ll be contacting candidates on a daily basis, guiding the application process from start to finish: from screening CVs to interviewing (like, duh!) and, ultimately, making suitable candidates an ‘offer they can’t refuse’. Of course, you’ll also be involved in making their onboarding process the best one possible.
  • For the most part, you’ll focus on junior and campus recruitment, reaching out to young graduates via different channels, such as job fairs. This also includes our internship program since we expect you to match students with the right project and, if possible, support them in a smooth transition to becoming a permanent member of the #peopleofdelaware.
  • After you’ve got all of that covered, you’ll also be able to work on some other projects, such as setting up employer branding campaigns, organizing events, revamping our career website… it’s completely up to you! All our activities are aimed at supporting students throughout their search for a first job? Want to see an example – check out our podcast series
  • You’ll kick-start your career as a delaware recruiter at our Analyst Bootcamp, together with other recent starters. This way, you’ll get a real feel for the business and it’s great for your internal network. Afterwards, our recruitment team will make sure you get all the trainings you need!

delaware has offices all over Belgium, but we’re currently looking for a colleague close to our offices in Ghent, Kortrijk or Wavre

more info about this job?

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Lara Delacourt - Recruiter

Is there a match?

  • First things first: do you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree? And did your degree cover HR-related subjects to some extent? That knowledge will definitely give you a head start.  
  • Are you a people person? In other words, you’re not only a good talker, but you also find it just as easy to sit and listen. It’s all about balance, you know?
  • Do you feel comfortable in English in combination with French? If you also speak Dutch, that would be a bonus.  
  • Have a driver’s license? For your job, you’ll be regularly visiting all of our offices and attending job fairs all over the country.  
  • Are you interested in getting to know the technology sector? That will certainly help you to feel at home since we specialize in business and IT profiles.
  • Do our company values appeal to you? We consider it important to take the time to call a candidate and explain why he/she wasn’t selected, for example. Additionally, our job is based on teamwork, but you also need to take ownership of your own candidates and projects. Of course, we all have our own recruitment style – and so will you. 


Let's meet up!

Make sure to check out the blogs we’ve written about our shared beliefs as recruiters or find out more about delaware in general on our website

Are you keen to help us grow our recruitment team? Click on the Apply Now button below and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!


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