Experienced Mendix Developer

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You are an experienced Mendix Developer with a track record of successful low-code development projects and – hopefully – have the certificates to prove it.

You would describe yourself as a mature, technically skilled developer with a touch of commercial flair (which definitely comes in handy when trying to convince customers how amazing low-code is).

You’re ambitious and ready to take your deep technical Mendix knowledge to the next level: you’re a soon-to-be Expert certified developer.

You like to take the lead in development projects and think of fast and innovative new ways to build a truly end-to-end solution that fits each customer’s needs. 

Who are we?

We are the Rapid Application Development (RAD) team: a group of development experts who believe low-code is the way to go. To keep up with the fast pace of change in the business world, we work with multiple low-code platforms such as Mendix & Power Apps to create fully functioning applications for our customers. Anyone can build an app if they want to, but most organizations need some help with the more advanced technical stuff or to define application governance and strategy – and that’s where we come in.

We’re like a start-up within a bigger organization: we are free to carve out our own path, but we can also rely on delaware’s existing customer network in ERP implementation projects. Our mission? To put low-code on the map as an alternative for traditional development, and to create value for our customers by providing fast and visible results. Just so you know: delaware has its offices in Ghent, Antwerp, Wavre, Kortrijk, Lummen and soon also in Liège. Most of us are based in the Ghent office, but we also spend a lot of time working together with our customers on-site.  

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Is there a match?

Let’s see. If you… 

  •  …are an experienced and certified low-code developer who likes to interact with customers
  • …will give our team a Mendix knowledge boost and add credibility to our presales conversations; 
  •  …instinctively understand business needs, ask plenty of questions and know how to translate problems into IT solutions;
  •  …have excellent communication, project management and leadership skills;  

…then you’re the experienced Mendix developer we need!

Let's meet up!

Why not come and have a chat with us? That way, you can tell us more about yourself, and we’ll let you in on some of our most exciting projects. Click the Apply now button below and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!  


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