Working in data & analytics: inspiring people

Apr 18, 2021

The data & analytics team members at delaware have one main thing in common: their deep passion for data. Our technical and functional consultants help to realize end-to-end, integrated data solutions at our customers. And this is always based on an open conversation with customers or colleagues, with a data-driven approach. It’s our responsibility to keep this conversation going, so everyone can rely on each other to find the best possible solution for our customers.

Building a data & analytics project like a home

If we compare working in data & analytics at delaware to building a house, we can distinguish different roles in our team:

  • Architects draw the plans. They are the experts who decide what type of building we are constructing and how big the house should be. Likewise, data & analytics architects draw the overall structure of the software and network components, and determine which data go where.
  • Engineers and masons construct the building. Our analytics colleagues are the people who configure all the tools and ensure that they work together.
  • Interior designers hide the actual construction behind nice-looking furnishings that make people enjoy their house. They can be compared to our business analytics colleagues who create inspiring reports and make our customers use their data in an enjoyable way.

In other words, the data & analytics team joins many pieces into a complete and robust construction that processes data for our customers.

“I work as a senior consultant Microsoft BI at delaware and I have been doing this for 5 years now. I’m developing the architecture at Atrias, the central hub in providing information in the Belgian energy market, but I’m also mentoring starters and I have a project manager role. delaware is my first employer and I am really able to do what I love most: from designing the architecture to the more technical side of the solution. This, combined with being a mentor for my colleagues and guiding my customer, makes my job a perfect match for me.” – Kim Vandekerckhove, senior consultant MS Analytics

delaware is my first employer and I am really able to do what I love most: from designing the architecture to the more technical side of the solution.
Kim Vandekerckhove, senior consultant MS Analytics

Being a sherpa for our customers

We want to be a sherpa for our customers, guiding them to the top of the mountain. We deliver quality, but we also want to be a source of inspiration for our colleagues so they can help their customer conquer their next challenge.

“We believe that our people are the guides of our customers and we’re here to set the flags and point them in the direction the market is going, based on insights, trends and customer feedback.” – Dries Storme, domain lead Data & Analytics.

“As a project manager, I collaborate with customers to improve their tool set, but also their approach. What are the customer’s future needs? At delaware I’m appreciated for my years of expertise in business and IT. I provide solutions based on customer's real needs, not based on an invoice we want to send. That approach matches delaware really well.” – Nick Van Maele, manager MS Analytics

we believe that our people are the guides of our customers
Dries Storme, domain lead Data & Analytics

Trusting our people to find the right way of working

Whether you like to mentor starting colleagues, work mostly remote, or you’re a life-long learner: we take job crafting seriously. We connect our people with each other and with the way of working that suits them best.

“I started just before the lockdown of 2020 and I can truly say I feel surrounded by helpful people, experts in their field that are always prepared to listen and reach out. The management at delaware is approachable for all my needs or questions at any time. They set the example for the whole team.” – Nick Van Maele

“Working together with a lot of young people is very motivating. At team meetings we’re connected by our existing expertise, but we also learn from each other during our projects.” Kim Vandekerckhove

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