Lissah Blommaert: Inclusive Tech Champion 2024

Mar 14, 2024

Lissah Blommaert! At delaware, she doesn't only show commitment in her role as SAP CX (customer experience) manager but she also pulls her weight on topics like diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI). As a valued member of the DEI  team, she not only inspires #peopleofdelaware but also encourages customers and stakeholders to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment.

meet Lissah (she/her)

  • She is a lead expert specializing in SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Field Service Management and mentors colleagues, fueling their career growth.
  • Passionate about combating biases and championing diversity in leadership, she spearheads diversity initiatives, fostering an inclusive environment.

  • A connector at heart, Lissah organizes team events and facilitates connections among students, delaware and customers during hackathons. She bolsters data security with innovative password policies.

  • Outside of work, she tutors young adolescents in math, statistics, and IT.  Her next sports challenge is to run her 5th marathon in 4 hours.

burning questions for our Inclusive Tech Champion

Where do you get your passion and drive to invest in diversity & inclusion?

"Not everyone feels compelled to be an advocate for diversity & inclusion, I realize that. But I am someone who thrives with people around me. While studying in Madrid during my Erasmus exchange, I witnessed the profound value of embracing diversity firsthand.  I lived and cohabited with people from many different nationalities which was incredibly enriching. I learned a lot about other cultures, their interactions, seeing the differences, but also discovering the similarities."

"Additionally, during my academic journey in engineering I observed the limited presence of women.  But when I graduated as only female student in Electronic ICT that was fueling my determination to create more equitable environments. I firmly believe that by fostering inclusivity, we unlock the full potential of individuals and drive innovation and progress on a societal level. "

Bias will always exist. But if everyone were already aware of the inherent prejudices, then we would already be a big step forward.

Why did you participate in the Data News She Goes ICT Awards?

"Ideally, the need to specifically award prizes for diversity in ICT would diminish, yet it still plays a crucial role in representation. This is why I eagerly participated last year in the Rising Tech star category and why I'm very excited about the new category this year."

"It not only shines a spotlight on women in technology but also contributes to the broader movement towards inclusivity. However, these awards remain essential as there are still many individuals who need to be made aware of (unconscious) bias. 

How do you contribute to the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy & plan at delaware?

"A few years back, when delaware started on crafting specific initiatives for DEI, I eagerly jumped in to assist in fostering dedicated awareness. For example, I organized the Around the World after-work event. It's an occasion where colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds prepare various snacks and drinks for the #peopleofdelaware. The next edition is already on the agenda for 2024!" 

"Last year, our DEI team became integrated into a larger delaware endeavor focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. This transition sets the stage to an ambitious vision to have all #peopleofdelaware on board to cultivate an even more inclusive environment. We'll kick off by updating our offices to make them future-proof with focus on inclusion, based on internal surveys.  "

Pictures ©  Noé David 

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