Our Salesforce consultants: a lean, mean and most of all passionate team

Apr 20, 2023

In 2021, we welcomed Salesforce to the delaware offerings. Now evolved to a mature team within delaware, they combine the best of both worlds: the entrepreneurial & dynamic atmosphere of being the new kid on the block, while enjoying the support and security of delaware as a bigger consultancy firm. What else sets the Salesforce team apart? We asked Salesforce consultants Maïlys Renson and Maxime Raes.  

Managing projects from start to finish 

Both agree that working on projects from start to finish is what makes their jobs exciting and challenging. Being involved in the entire consulting cycle – from analysis, over implementation to after-care – enables you to see the bigger picture of projectseventually allowing you to create targeted solutions for your clients, says Maxime. 


As a Salesforce consultant, you wear multiple hats,” illustrates MaïlysYou’re both technical and functional consultant, as well as an account and project managerAnd that’s not even an exhaustive list. However, lacking skills in an area isn’t an issueeagerness to learn and passion go a long way.  

No two days are alike  

Describing typical working day in the Salesforce team is impossible, according to Maïlys. Projects typically last 3 to 6 months. During this period, you face a different challenge every day, but that way you continuously learn something newIn additionthere’s a big diversity in clients and sectors we cover, so no two days are alike. Moreover, Salesforce as a technology and software system offers so many possibilities, allowing you to shape your own job and career. On a broader level - as we are the Benjamin of all delaware teams - we get plenty of opportunities to have an impact on the future of delaware's Salesforce journey. Exciting to say the least."

Overall, it’s a young team with people you can easily relate to, guided by more experienced and passionate colleagues leading the way. Everyone has pretty much the same mindset.

The entrepreneurial mindset is empowering 

The Salesforce team is a young, yet fast-growing delaware solution and it shows – the flourishing entrepeneurial mindset is still very much alive.  “Working as a Salesforce consultant is all about learning by doing, says Maïlys. “As you get started right away and learn things on the job, you must have an curious nature.” 

That jump into the unknown also entails a lot of autonomy and responsibility,” adds Maxime. You really need to have curiosityproactivity and drive to take matters into your own hands. love how that enables me to be creative in my job and gives me room to do things my own way. As a result, I learn and mature at a tremendously fast pace.” 

Teamwork really makes the dream work  

Despite being encouraged to be creative and autonomous, consultants can always count on the support and expertise of team members. If one person faces a problem, it’s the entire team’s problem,” says Maïlys convincinglyWe work very closely together as a team. Whether you have questions, concerns or you need a second opinion on thingsthere’s always someone willing to help. 

And if that still didn't convince you, maybe their workations will. “I’ve already been on work trips to Málaga and Durbuy and I got to know my team members in a different way,” says Maxime. “Overall, it’s a young team with people you can easily relate to, guided by more experienced and passionate colleagues leading the wayEveryone has pretty much the same mindset.