The many paths in SAP development

The many paths in SAP development

Feb 09, 2021

There are plenty of SAP developers at delaware, each with their own story. Which twists and turns have they taken in their career paths? What choices have led them up to this point? And what’s their secret to success?

‘Unique’, ‘adventurous’ or ‘challenging’. Those are just three of the words that our SAP developers use to describe their career at delaware. Leave it to Danny, Ian, Jolien, Nathan, Stef, Tim and Elio to tell you all about their journey.  


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The many paths in SAP development

The adventurous accountant

Meet Danny
Danny Sprangers
The ambitious cloud lover
Meet Ian
The passionate bioengineer
Meet Jolien
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The man with a plan
Meet Nathan
nathan icon
The developer dad
Meet Stef
stef icon
The strategic team player
Meet Tim
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The traveling programmer
Meet Elio
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