D365 community event

D365 community event

bringing the local Dynamics 365 community together at the Spiegelven golf course

What do D365 and golfing have in common? Essentially nothing, but why not combine "business" with pleasure and connect D365 professionals while enjoying a golf initiation? ⛳ 

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics 365 enthusiast looking to connect with like-minded professionals in the Limburg, Flemish Brabant & Kempen area? At delaware, we’d like to open up our internal D365 community and connect with other local experts & enthusiasts. During a first initiative on the 25th of June we want to create a platform for everyone to get to know like-minded professionals working on the same topics, expand your network, and gain inspiration from reference cases or industry leaders. 

What’s on the agenda?

  • An exclusive 1-hour golf initiation ⛳ at the golf course of Spiegelven
  • Short & sweet in-person tech sessions to inspire each other & gain insights in some of the latest hot topics 🧠 (think field service management or strong local customer cases)
  • Good food, drinks & great company 🍽️

Combining business with pleasure, we’ll enjoy an exclusive golf initiation at the mesmerizing Spiegelven – open to beginners or golf pro’s! Afterwards we’ll take a deep-dive into one of the hot topics of today: D365 field service management, where our own delaware experts will explain the latest advancement & best practices. After that we’ll give an introduction to a recent customer reference case and we’ll explain a few other local projects. Perfect opportunity to join in afterwards and share your insights!  

Who is this for?

Spots are limited, so for a first edition we'd like to focus on a network of professionals experienced in D365 F&O and Business CentralWhether you're a consultant, an internal key user working with D365 or Navision or a freelancer - you're welcome to join. 


Date: 25th of June starting from 17h - food & drinks provided 

Location: Golfclub Spiegelven - Wiemesmeerstraat 109, Genk

Subscribe below to join, and afterwards you'll receive a final confirmation with all practicals! 

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