Katoen Natie Totara Customer Story

Oct 14, 2021
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Present in 36 countries in five continents and employs about 13000 people worldwide, Katoen Natie looks to Totara Learn and Totara Perform learning management system to cut its training administration by 20% while improving overall learning monitoring and tracking.

Katoen Natie is an international logistics service provider and port operator. The company is present in 26 countries in five continents and employs about 16,000 people worldwide.

The challenge

Learning and development has always been fundamental for Katoen Natie's human capital management. Katoen Natie is a niche player in the industry, where its competitive advantage is its people. They pride themselves on their customized on-the-job training, enabling them to equip employees with the right skills to perform their jobs effectively.

Katoen Natie, like many organizations, knows that conducting in-house training without a proper LMS is not the most effective approach. It leads to difficulties in tracking and monitoring training, requires a lot of manual work and lacks structure to evaluate conducted training.

They decided to look for a global LMS to facilitate knowledge and best practices sharing across different locations and countries. It needed to be cost effective, and cater to similar, yet not identical, requirements across Katoen Natie's global locations.

In 2018, Katoen Natie Singapore migrated from their legacy training system and implemented Totara LMS version 11.2.

Katoen Natie Totara Log-in screen

The solution

Katoen Natie worked with delaware Singapore to implement their Talent Experience Platform in 2020, comprising Totara Learn and Totara Perform.

Their Totara Learn implementation was set up to support Katoen Natie's digital transformation initiative in a number of ways. 

Firstly, the LMS makes it easier for supervisors to manage and plan employee training. It also provides up-to-date information for improved tracking.

Katoen Natie's LMS also hosts virtual training, which complements their existing on-the-job training programs. They further customised their learning offering by requiring learners' signatures for statutory training within the LMS, helping them stay on top of their compliance needs.

Learning courses on Totara

delaware implemented Totara Perform to allow employees to update their competencies upon completion of specific courses. It also gives managers the ability to manually upgrade or downgrade staff competency level for a more accurate reflection of competencies across the organization.

The Totara Perform solution allows Katoen Natie's supervisors to manage and plan job deployment and training according to employees' competency levels, bringing together learning and performance for a powerful integrated solution.

Planning and tracking dashboard for supervisors

Totara helps the company improve our employees' job skills and employability.
– Janet Lim, Human Resources, Katoen Natie Singapore

The results

Following their 2020 upgrade to the Totara Talent Experience Platform, The Katoen Natie Group is now in the midst of rolling out Totara on Azure cloud to other locations. Totara is currently used by around 500 employees at Katoen Natie, and could ultimately be accessed by up to 2,000 users worldwide.

Totara is much more efficient and user friendly than Katoen Natie's previous legacy system, and the quality of training has improved significantly, proven by their Certified OJT Centre accreditation awarded by the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore.

The Talent Experience Platform has also empowered Katoen Natie to move away from measuring training hours alone and instead measuring training hours and competency levels, giving them a more comprehensive overview of employees' activities.

Katoen Natie has enjoyed a 20% reduction in training administration following the launch of their Talent Experience Platform, allowing them more time and resources to focus the quality of training content. For instance, evaluation of training now takes place via Totara rather than as a manual process outside the legacy training system, making the whole process much more efficient.

Winner at Totara Awards 2022

Best Transport & Logistics Project 2022

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