OpenText InfoArchive

OpenText InfoArchive

Overview on data archival

OpenText InfoArchive is an data archiving solution for structured and unstructured information in a scalable, economical and compliant manner. Whether decommissioning legacy applications or actively archiving business processes or decommissioning legacy applications, InfoArchive is flexible and cost-efficient to reduce IT costs and speed up the move to a modernised, cloud-based architecture.

How you will benefit with OpenText infoArchive?

Legacy systems decommissioning

Migrate data at scale from inactive systems and applications to a cost-effective and compliant archive for preservation and secure data access.

Maintain production application scalability and reduce costs

Offload data from active apps while retaining access to users to maintain fixed costs on infrastructure, scalability and long-term support costs.

Privacy compliance for sensitive information

Apply access restrictions and data masking to sensitive data, preserving data for long-term retention while protecting against data leaks.

Connect and archive data from databases & document stores

Capture information from applications, relational databases, document and records stores, such as OpenText xECM, OpenText Documentum, and Microsoft SharePoint.

What can we do for you?

With our strong partnership with OpenText and deep expertise and experience in information management, we can provide the following services:

Take advantage of OpenText and delaware services