OpenText Documentum

OpenText Documentum

Overcome content management hurdles

Organisations are grappling with the volume and diversity of content. It has never been more challenging managing documents, emails, videos, forms, and process-created. The tasks seem overwhelming with data leaks, misplaced or lost content, increased regulations, evolving content-driven business processes, and new ways of working. 

Secure and cloud-ready

Documentum helps users ensure their high-volume, critical business content is secured, organised, preserved and easily accessible with privacy and security protocols adherence. 

Today, its cloud-based support simplifies access for content creation and collaboration. It also drives productivity improvements with easy-to-understand and personalised user experiences, all while applying Documentum’s robust governance.

OpenText Documentum offers a range of capabilities to manage and extract value from the content of all kinds across the enterprise.

Enterprise content services

Provides integrated support for the lifecycle of a wide range of content options, including Microsoft office documents, images, CAD files, rich media, audio, video, design templates and more. Delivers powerful and flexible search, comprehensive versioning, and metadata controls.

Personalised user experience

Enables organisations to deliver highly personalised, role-based user experiences. Driving productivity, optimise user adoption and create rich employee experiences. 

Secure and scalable

Offers a secure and robust, cloud-ready architecture to control and manage all content, with multi-language support and localisation for global environments. Scales to meet the most requirements while ensuring constant enforcement of governance policies, regardless of location. 

Content governance

Includes strong levels of encryption, including compliance with the FIPS standard and default 128-bit AES level encryption, controls the entire lifecycle of corporate records, and content retention and disposition policies.

Process management

Combines traditional business processes and case management with actionable content. Easily orchestrated based on who needs to act and when, presenting relevant information in the most proper context to drive consistent, high-quality decisions.


Cloud-native technologies vastly simplify deployments and upgrades, enabling the quick introduction of new features. Available as a fully managed or cloud-based service and includes automated orchestration to support deployment to any cloud infrastructure. 

In our experience, the main difference between Documentum and its competitors is that the Documentum scales very well. We put in millions and millions of documents every year and we see no issues with performance
Sebastian Dommel, GDMS Manager, Linde

Uniquely qualified to help organisations 

  • Meet high-volume demands 
  • Ensure content security and compliance using patented technology
  • Support flexible content-driven case management
  • Extend the value of business content to vertical and horizontal applications

What can we do for you?

With our strong partnership with OpenText and deep expertise and experience in information management, we can provide the following services:

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