Management Consulting

Management Consulting

What we do 

While delaware has built up a rock-solid reputation as a technology implementation partner - and continues to provide IT consultancy services - today, our customers are increasingly asking for assistance in achieving their digital transformation objectivesAfter all, the technology is only a part of the story. The business requirements as well as the people in the customer organization are also vital parts. Enter delaware’s Management Consulting services. 

The sum of the parts 

The keys to a successful digital transformation lie with technology, people and processes - and how those three interactThat golden triangle is what we like to call connected transformation. In other words, aside from our technical expertisethere is also a need for process knowledge and  an ability to deliver changeAfter allonly by getting a firm grasp of the roles played by leadership and human dynamics can we guide our customers through their digital transformations.

We are entrepreneurs

What makes the management consulting field so interesting at delaware is that you get to be a part of something new. We are eager to build up our Management Consulting offer since we are firm believers in connected transformation. And we’re on the right track: the management consulting branch is complementing delaware’s existing tech expertise by building our strategy & business optimization pilar. By doing sowe’ll be able to cement our position as a connected transformation pioneer. 

“Our ultimate goal is to help our customers to transform beyond technology.”

Ready to go?

Working as a management consultant, you get to combine your affinity with technology with your eagerness and willingness to challenge upper management on their ideas and co create organizations that thrive:  

  • You are an entrepreneurial professional who isn’t afraid to try new things. 
  • You have a solid understanding of business processes, be it finance, supply chain or other domains. 
  • Thanks to your empathetic side, you can get to the essence of what our customers need.

Jobs in Management Consulting

meet the team

Iris Snauwaert

Finance Transformation Lead
“You really feel that entrepreneurship is an important value to delaware. You have the opportunity to build something new or bring your ideas forward and that’s very energizing. Furthermore, delaware’s belief in connected transformation is very clear. It’s essential to have the technological expertise together with the ability to guide senior management.” 

Julie Littré

Finance & Performance Management
"I like to work hand in hand with the functional teams, that is when you truly feel that the connected transformation is alive and it’s exciting to be a part of that."

Joseph Taymans

Finance & Performance Management
"As management consultant, no two days are alike. With customers from different industries and diverse projects, each day brings new challenges and opportunities."