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Bringing structure to chaos

The greatest part of our job as data consultants, is when we see how our customers have gained insights into information they never even knew existed, simply because they didn’t know where to look. When the customer says: “You know what, this is actual, valuable information I can work with!” – only then we’re happy. That’s what we call data-driven decisions.

Our ultimate goal?

We want to help our customers to get to know their own company even better. We’re a mixed group of experienced data lovers, skilled in data cleaning, data warehousing, data analytics, data management and data science. We have gained advanced knowledge in data technology, yet always detach the solution from the tool. We never forget the 'why'.

The best of both worlds

In Data & Analytics, we don’t really make a difference between technical and functional consultants. For employees, that means more variety in their job, as they combine and refine skills on both sides of the spectrum. For our customers, that means they get the best of both worlds. That’s why we are looking for data lovers who are eager to grow their expertise in both customer-related and technology-related fields.

Rémi Dubois and Mathieu Roth share a passion for data

Connect with the experts

Most of our projects take 2 to 4 months and are tackled by teams of skilled data & analytics consultants. Our customer portfolio is incredible diverse! Excited to get to know your colleagues?

  • In collaboration with our clients, we determine which conceptsprojects and solutions best fit their organization
  • Working in smaller teams makes for greater variety in roles, which in turn, makes projects all the more interesting and challenging
  • We work with all types of data – financial data, marketing data, payroll data or sales data, to name but a few

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meet the team

Remi Dubois

Consultant Enabling Insights
Consulting is a way for me to constantly learn and improve my technical and people skills. Together with my team lead and colleagues we constantly work on new ideas on how to better position ourselves in the market.

Sofie Danneels

Team lead Enabling Insights
In Data & Analytics, you can definitely deepen your technical skills, but how far you go in that direction, is entirely up to you. I got the opportunity to develop myself in other fields - now I train people to use data visualization tools!

Pieter Hebben

Partner & domain architect Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics is like a treasure hunt: where’s the data and how do we get to it? As data consultants we submerge ourselves in all kinds of technologies and collect, analyze and interpret data coming from all kinds of sources.

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