Employee events

Everyone’s invited

At delaware, we believe events are much more than just a chance for our employees to gather

To the #peopleofdelaware, employee events are opportunities to celebrateshare experiencesbuild connections, and make the best memories with colleagues. Our internal events are the highlight of the year for many!  

Whether you want to have little get-together with your team or show your best dance moves at our party  you can count on the delaware event team to give it all they’ve got 

organizing unique events is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the #peopleofdelaware - we appreciate every single one of you and want to give you an unforgettable experience!
Patrick Andersen, Managing Partner of delaware Belux

Why are employee events so important to us?

  • We organize employee events not only to share information, but also to put our culture and values into action. If we say our focus is on team spirit, careentrepreneurshiprespect and commitment, what better way to show that to our employees than by a well-planned event?  

  • We organize employee events to improve group cohesion. As consultants, the #peopleofdelaware are often found working on customer locations across the country, so events are the perfect moment to reconnect and rekindle the team spirit.  

  • We organize this many employee events to increase the chances of welcoming as many people as possible. One thing is certain: your name is always on the list!  

Feel like joining the team?