Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure: build without boundaries

Microsoft Azure’s growing collection of integrated cloud services enables developers and IT professionals to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of Microsoft data centers.

With Microsoft Azure, Microsoft takes cloud computing services to new levels. Developers and IT professionals have complete freedom to build and deploy, while Microsoft ensures maximum security, privacy and transparency through its network of data centers. Forget about downtime, scalability, security, and GDPR – let our experts handle the nitty gritty, enabling you to focus on your business.

enjoy the freedom to create within a trusted environment

Intelligent insights 

With Microsoft Azure, you can draw insights from multiple data sources — including ERP and CRM systems, production management software, the internet, and more. Use them to make smarter decisions and uncover new possibilities, such as predictive analytics services and new ways to engage with your customers and business partners through artificial intelligence. Even predicting margins and customer and employee behavior – it’s all possible with Azure.

Accelerate application innovation 

Whether you’re developing full-scale web applications or simple mobile tools, building apps is quick and easy with Azure’s integrated functionalities, APIs and analytics. And what about trying your hand at mixed reality? Withing Azure, you’ll find all the tools to start building virtual or augmented reality applications. Combined with the necessary hardware, Azure is your business game-changer.

A certified Azure Expert MSP to guide you on your cloud journey

delaware is one of the first certified Azure Expert MSPs. As one of Microsoft’s most qualified partners, we help our customers transition towards (and embrace) paradigm shifts in cloud technology. In offering consulting, migration support, operations management and more, we are committed to ensuring that you enjoy all the benefits that come with cloud adoption.

This certification, combined with over 15 years of experience, makes delaware the perfect partner to guide you through all aspects of your cloud journey. How do I get started with Microsoft Azure? Is it the right tool for my business? As an independent IT integrator, delaware will provide you with clear and honest answers to these and many other questions.

Data center migration

As a public cloud service, Microsoft Azure offers multiple advantages over classic private hosts. Next to the scalability, flexibility and security compliance, major benefits include DevOps integration, rollout of temporary environments, AIOps and more. The combination with Azure platform services allows you to enhance your core business applications with innovations like cognitive services. As an open platform, Azure also plays well with non-Microsoft solutions. Even more, its management tools enable hybrid data center management.

Integration services

Connecting multiple independent systems, on-premise and cloud, multiple vendors, microservices and monoliths... The complexity of building new applications has risen exponentially. Azure Integration Services integrate and connect it all and bring together business workflows in a consistent and scalable way. Even more, by monetizing API management toolings, you can harness new business model opportunities.

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