Fast and furious SAP ambitions? Autoneum is racing ahead with AMS.

May 30, 2022
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European leader in automotive equipment Autoneum is on a mission to transfer its main business processes to SAP. While the road is long and often winding, delaware’s expertise, application management services (AMS), and FAST-Automotive solution ensure that the project stays firmly on track.

Autoneum is also a pioneer in the field of acoustic and thermal regulation technologies for vehicles. With 13,000 employees and 55 production sites, the company develops and produces light-weight multifunctional components providing protection from noise and heat, and serves almost every automotive manufacturer.

Mission made possible at Autoneum

By 2030, the company wants to realize close to 85% of its turnover on SAP. This, of course, requires a transfer of its main business processes to the platform. To make this possible, Autoneum called upon delaware.

“With delaware we were able meet our development needs in a flexible way, with four roll-outs a year, allowing our internal SAP competence center to transfer its AMS-related tasks according to need,” says Joern Heipmann, global head of the SAP competence center at Autoneum. “This also meant we could quickly improve our processes. delaware is now a trusted partner helping us to perfect our solutions, and providing valid expertise.”

FAST-Automotive: ERP template for the automotive industry

Flexibility and expertise

According to Heipmann, there were several key reasons why Autoneum chose delaware as their AMS partner: 

  • Flexibility: During implementation of the VIM solution, delaware was flexible in its ability to provide on-shore and off-shore resources according to our needs. 
  • Expertise: delaware demonstrated its knowledge of the automotive industry to such an extent that we didn’t have to explain the typical industrial processes to the deployed resources anymore. This was a great help during the transfer of individual tasks for the changes in our SAP environment.
  • FAST-Automotive: delaware’s preconfigured, SAP qualified ERP solution based on SAP S/4HANA. It incorporates best practices of the automotive market (logistics, labeling, EDI, production), resulting in a significant boost in innovation speed and flexibility. 

Watch the customer case video below (in French).

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