Real-time results for reporting at TCR

Nov 15, 2017
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TCR is Europe’s leading provider of ground support equipment (GSE) services. The company offers expertise in rental and operating lease of GSE, maintenance & ramp assistance and fleet management. Its lease offering reduces handlers’ financial risks associated with GSE ownership while keeping GSE available for operations at all times.

TCR serves over 100 airports in Europe and Asia Pacific, delivering upon service level agreements (SLAs) relating to both availability and maintenance of GSE. In total, TCR owns about 25,000 assets that frequently move around within its global network.

Visual analytics: quick insights into a world of data

Full transparency

To improve TCR’s reporting about equipment availability, delaware built a fit-for-purpose online dashboard based on Microsoft technology. TCR receives now a worldwide overview of its equipment availability updated every fifteen minutes. This real-time reporting allows TCR to communicate transparently to external customers while displaying the same insights internally on screens in TCR’s workshops. This monitors and visualizes the compliance with the SLAs and helps employees to prioritize the maintenance tasks at hand. Today, the external reporting functionality is fully integrated in TCR’s customer portal.

Partnering for growth

Building on this first successful collaborative project, TCR expressed the wish to deliver both a detailed profit & loss account per equipment unit in order to improve decision-making and a consolidated view on spare parts inventory to improve availability across its network of workshops.

“Thanks to its analytical and pragmatic approach, delaware came up with solutions we had been seeking for a long time and which have delivered immediate value,” says Alain Delfosse, CIO at TCR Group. For TCR, transparency and insights are now a given, contributing to profitable growth for the company.


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