AR Metallizing ensures sustainable growth with Microsoft Dynamics

Jul 03, 2019
  • discrete manufacturing
  • Microsoft

Digital transformation should be a priority for forward-thinking business. That’s why AR Metallizing is fully convinced of the importance of a solid digital strategy and the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics as ERP system. Discover why in the video below.

AR Metallizing is a global manufacturer of metallized packaging & labelling solutions for consumer packaging. The company has four manufacturing facilities worldwide, one of which is situated in Genk, Belgium. In recent years, AR Metallizing has grown substantially. To sustain this growth but stay customer-oriented at the same time, the company decided to invest in digital transformation. 

The company chose Microsoft Dynamics as its new ERP system, because it allows them to do more with available data, both internally and externally. Bart Devos, CEO, explains, “We always aim to exchange information as swiftly as possible. When customers in for instance Vietnam or the USA, have questions about a certain type of paper, we want to be able to provide them with correct information as quickly as possible.” Giovanni Fresia, Group IT Manager, adds, “We were looking for a system with capabilities in logistics, operations and in finance. Microsoft Dynamics certainly offers this. A good example is the Warehouse Management System: it allows an operator to scan a reel of paper with an easy-to-use scanning device and immediately displays all the information about that specific reel.” 

For the implementation of the new system and to guide them in its digital transformation, AR Metallizing called in the help of delaware. Frederic Pieters, Sales Manager at delaware, says, “We advised AR Metallizing on how the company could optimize its ERP projects, but also on how to optimize other processes involving marketing, change and communication. This way, we can help the company to create more added value for its end-customers.”  

This video was made in cooperation with Microsoft, AR Metallizing and Kanaal Z.

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