Connected transformation in Finance

Connected transformation in Finance

Finance as a strategic partner

CFOs and their teams are increasingly expected to be a key strategic partner to the business. What does your team need to successfully transition into that role? Start from your organization’s strategic ambitions and turn these into concrete roadmaps. 

Our connected transformation offering helps you connect your business strategy, technology and people to ensure that you are all set for finance transformation success.

Mapping responsibilities, capabilities and tech to inspire and guide you

To get a digital transformation right, a holistic approach is needed that connects technology, strategy and people. That’s what we at delaware call ‘connected transformation’.

To help you kickstart your journey to connected finance transformation, we elaborated the CFO Connected Transformation Chessboard: a model that links 

•    your key finance responsibilities (steer, operate and comply) 

•    the related processes (controlling, sustainability, procure to pay, treasury, compliance,…) 

•    the technology that is at hand to enable these capabilities (from foundational to advanced and innovative). 

The Transformation Chessboard serves as an inspirational tool, but can also be used as a roadmap to help you gradually move towards becoming a future-proof CFO office.

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Delivering Finance and Performance Management services – from vision to implementation

Our connected transformation approach is designed to lead you through every stage of your digital transformation in a holistic way. It combines strategic thinking, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the human side of digital transformation to deliver the best possible results. 

With that holistic approach as their north star, our experts help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your finance function and operations and align them to your business strategy. Here’s how they can help:

  • improve process governance and risk management, by installing durable performance management structures; 
  • enhance the quality of data to improve decision-making;
  • select and implement the finance technologies fit for your needs;
  • develop the skills and talent you need;
  • analyse and show how to use business information in the most efficient and effective way;
  • automate manual, time-consuming processes;
  • ensure compliance on an ongoing basis;

Typical needs or questions to kickstart a connected transformation journey in Finance

  • What are the latest technology trends? What do those bring to the finance function? Which trends bring value to my organization? 
  • Does my operating model still support my company strategy and is it compatible with new technologies?
  • How do leverage all available data? And how can I generate real-time analytics from it?
  • Do I still have the right skills in my team ?
  • How can I improve the efficiency and effectiveness of my finance function?

Adding business insight and technical know-how to the mix

Our integrated team is ideally positioned to deliver on the promise of connected transformation and help you transform – from vision to implementation. Here’s why:

  • Our multi-disciplinary team combines strategic insight, technical expertise, and an in-depth finance experience. 
  • We cherish long-term partnerships that are marked by mutual respect, a shared language, and commitment to co-creation, transparency and a shared goal. 
  • We have the right scale: big enough to provide the resources and expertise needed to drive your transformation forward and accessible enough to truly care about your success. 
  • While we insist on the essentiality of getting the basics right, we’re also fast movers in terms of innovation.

make sure your finance transformation is right the first time

Mathieu Van De Poel, Finance & Performance Management Lead

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