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The business world is evolving, so is finance. Technology can help you increase financial efficiency, effectiveness, and value-add across all financial domains.

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White paper: what if you became an augmented CFO?

The role of the CFO is undergoing significant change. It's not just about keeping your processes running smoothly, you need to create value for your organization. How do you do that? Our finance experts have analyzed the top reasons to choose SAP S/4HANA ERP for companies in different industries:

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To RISE or not to RISE? The best way to SAP S/4HANA

As we’re inching closer to SAP’s 2027 deadline, many companies are considering their options for moving to SAP S/4HANA. The launch of RISE with SAP in 2021 added yet another variable: a subscription bundle that expertly combines performance with ease-of-use and simplicity. But what’s the best course of action for your organization? Here’s our comparison of the RISE with SAP versus SAP S/4HANA ‘any premise’ operating models and licenses.
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Quality assurance in development: better safe than sorry

Whether you’re building cars or code, the importance of quality assurance (QA) can’t be overstated. Not only does compromising on quality lead to customer dissatisfaction – or worse: accidents – it also causes significant delays and additional costs. Unsurprisingly, QA is gaining a lot of attention in coding and development. But what exactly are the characteristics of high-quality code, and how can developers meet these requirements?  

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Omniscience vs clarity: finding balance in data analytics

“I want to see everything,” is probably the most-often heard request in data analytics and business reporting. Powerful business tools like SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud bring us closer to attaining that superpower. The question, however, is whether that should really be our goal, or if there’s a way we can balance hunger for knowledge with optimal performance and clarity.
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