delaware Belux announces three new partners

Jan 16, 2024

IT and management services provider delaware Belux welcomes three newly promoted partners to its senior leadership team: Sven Peleman, Stefaan Vandeputte and Francois Jaucot.

From left to right: Stefaan Vandeputte, Francois Jaucot, Sven Peleman.

Jan De Bock, Managing Director at delaware Belux, notes, “delaware has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, influencing our demand for additional senior leadership. The newly promoted partners this year bring a wealth of complementary experience to our partnership. Their perspectives and insights will help us continue to build a successful future and contribute to our further growth.”

Introducing delaware’s newest partners

Sven Peleman boasts a career of more than 25 years in IT – a journey marked by continuous learning and a passion for the ever-evolving tech landscape. Throughout this extensive period, Sven has not only witnessed the transformation of the industry but has actively contributed to its growth and development. Over the last 12 years, Sven has directed his efforts towards Salesforce. This led to building an own consultancy company scale-up of 40 consultants, Cloud Innovation, who have recently joined delaware

As partner at delaware Belux, Sven’s primary objective is to champion and expand the Salesforce practice within Belgium and across other delaware entities. With a proven track record, he is ready to further strengthen delaware's position in the technology landscape and contribute to the organization's continued success. In addition, he aims to play a pivotal role in coaching new leadership talent that will enable delaware to flourish for generations.

Stefaan Vandeputte joined delaware in its early days as a software engineer and has since progressed through different roles. Initially contributing to innovative solutions in early e-commerce and online interaction, he later moved into leadership roles. As Solution and Domain Lead, he created a customer experience focused practice, successfully delivered solutions to global organisations and expanded the international presence of delaware's sales, service and marketing practice.

As a partner at delaware Belux, Stefaan's primary focus is to champion and grow delaware's digital practice and expanding delaware's international reach. Transforming the business into a global, connected organization, leveraging expertise and innovation internationally. All while maintaining delaware's unique culture and values.

With a broad business background and experience across a wide range of sectors and functions, Francois Jaucot has successfully led clients through major transformations and digital innovations. As a committed leader, his focus is on creating a diverse, collaborative, and dynamic culture with shared values and authenticity. 

As partner at delaware Belux, Francois will concentrate on the development of delaware’s growing Management Consulting practice. This allows delaware to support its clients with strategy and business optimization, in addition to its technology expertise.  

delaware has also appointed new directors to strengthen future growth. Stefanie De Smet, Mathieu Van de Poel, Nick Thienpondt, Nicolas Maes, Pieter Lootens, Tim Leys and Kenny Decorte joined the leadership team as of January 2024.

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