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Thursday, 14 October 2021

join the delaware Inspiration Event

With all the uncertainty finally behind us, the future looks bright! Companies great and small have accelerated their digital transformation the past two years, so we want to light up your mind with inspiring customer stories – this time back in real-life!  .

What to expect?

  • A thought-provoking opening session on accelerating value through applied innovation – starring three innovative ventures delaware helped to grow
  • 5 unique tracks with a focus on smart experience, smart factory, smart ERP, smart employee and smart data 

  • 15 interactive speaker sessions and interviews with customers such as Barco, Unilin, Joris Ide, Milcobel, Sibelga, BekaertDeslee and Renson

  • VRT television presenter and reporter Cath Luyten as the overall event moderator 

  • Finally catching up with your colleagues and industry friends in person!

Thursday October 14, 2021 – 14:00 – 19:30 

Doors, registrations and meet again: 14:00 – 14:45 

Welcome: 14:45 – 15:00 

Presentations: 15:00 – 17:15

Closing words: 17:15 – 17:30 

Networking, walking dinner and drinks: 17:30 – 19:30 



Wiedauwkaai 23, 9000 Ghent 

Parking available on-site 

The Inspiration Event will be organized according to the current COVID-19 safety measures, so don’t hesitate to register and enjoy this unique experience together with us. (we will switch to a virtual formula only if the conditions oblige us to do so) 


Registrations are closed for this event. 

We look forward to meeting you at one of our next events.

Let us inspire you.

On October 14 , delaware will be hosting its Inspiration Event back in real-life. Our Inspiration Fairs have always been an opportunity for visitors to explore new technologies and see digital transformation trends in action – and this year we invite you all back in person! When it comes to digital transformation, now is the time to start putting theory into practice. Will you let us inspire you?

5 storylines

Smart experience, smart factory, smart ERP, smart employee and smart data

6 moderators

While Cath Luyten acts as an overall event moderator, 5 other experts in their respective fields will lead the speaker sessions

multiple customer cases

3 new ventures supported by dFund will kick off the event, followed by interviews with customers such as De Watergroep, Unilin, EFSA, Joris Ide and Renson. 


Get acquainted with each of our 5 unique tracks, each with their own story. Interested in multiple tracks? Don’t worry, you can switch between them after every session.

Smart experience

In an interconnected and automated world, customers and employees alike want smooth and effortless experiences. Businesses offering smart experiences bridge the gap between their company’s product and services, and the growing connection needs of their market. To accomplish this challenging feat, they take advantage of the latest technological developments such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and AR/VR, to make bridges. 

  • Trouw Nutrition - Creating a quick, visual and convincing prototype of a digital customer experience 

  • Unilin - Close the loop: from digital to offline sales 

  • Joris Ide - How to achieve an omnichannel customer experience 

Smart Factory

Smart factories are highly digitized and connected production facilities that rely on smart manufacturing. Many manufacturing lines today are only 60% productive, so there are tremendous opportunities for improvement. Smart factories also take on the challenge of their aging workforce and loss of experience by relying on digital learning tools. In other words: the smart factory does more with less – machines, people, resources.

  • Barco – Digitally capturing the experience of the aging workforce 

  • The Warehouse Simulator - SAP Extended Warehouse Management

  • Renson - The magic B2B production triangle: intuitive web shop, creative design and sturdy SAP engine   

Smart ERP

What is smart ERP actually? In a tech world flooded by hypes like IoT, cloud computing, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, etc. you could think that ERP is either outdated or even dead. Nothing could be further away from the truth.

In every organization, ERP is still the backbone that connects business information, brings stability and helps steer companies in the right direction. Smart ERP presents the evolution into an open system, which incorporates some of the technological features mentioned above, and allows to integrate them with your ERP wherever needed. The goal of smart ERP is to provide a better customer journey for your employees, open up new business models and increase efficiency by automating where possible, resulting in an improved customer satisfaction. We will bring you some flavors of what a smart ERP can accomplish and show you how you can evolve towards a smart ERP in an efficient and feasible way.

  • Digital procurement & spend management - Discover how buyers and suppliers can collaborate digitally 

  • Experience the digital feedback loop - With Microsoft Dynamics 365  
  • S/4HANA Move - BLUEFIELD TM data migration approach with SNP for larger companies 

Smart Employee

Today's workplace is global, fast-paced and technology-driven. The smart employee has both the hard and soft skills needed to function in a 21st century work environment. They show flexibility, engagement and are committed to the Digital Workplace. By experimenting with new ways of working, they have become crucial stakeholders in an ongoing workforce transformation.

  • Sibelga MyKiosk: the Employee Experience intranet 

  • De Watergroep - How change management helps to make every drop count 

  • BekaertDeslee - Speed up employee onboarding by merging SAP SuccessFactors with Azure Active Directory

Smart data

Successful data-driven businesses strive to improve their data quality, while reducing data organization and prep time. Their goal is to create data that is ready for analysis on-the-go, to continuously improve their products and services. And the best way to do that is to make your data smart. 

  • Augmenting operational excellence with Mixed Reality - Bringing data, field service technicians and back-office workforces together digitally, handsfree and in real time
  • Milcobel & EFSA - How they get the most business value out of their data

  • De Watergroep & Hydroware - Smart data in Utilities  

meet already some of our speakers

delaware brings digital transformation to a wide array of sectors and industries. These are some of our partners and customers who will give you a first-hand insight into our ground-braking products and services. 


Below you’ll find the short descriptions for each of the 15 sessions.
Click on the titles to read more and select the sessions you wish to attend.
You can always switch between the 5 tracks but you can only select 1 topic per timeslot.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

2:00 PM
Doors, registrations and meet again (45 min.)
2:45 PM
Welcome by Patrick Andersen (15 min.)
3:00 PM
Accelerating value through applied innovation (40 min.) read more
3:40 PM
Storyline introduction (15 min.)

For topics in the same time slot you can only select 1 topic

4:00 PM

Smart experience

Trouw Nutrition - A visual prototype of a digital customer experience (20 min.) read more

Smart factory

Barco – Digitally capturing the experience of the aging workforce (20 min.) read more

Smart ERP

Digital procurement & spend management (20 min.) read more

Smart employee

Sibelga - MyKiosk: the Employee Experience intranet (20 min.) read more

Smart data

Augmenting operational excellence with Mixed Reality (20 min.) read more
4:25 PM
Unilin - Close the loop: from digital to offline sales (20 min.) read more
The Warehouse Simulator - SAP Extended Warehouse Management (20 min.) read more
Experience the digital feedback loop with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (20 min.) read more
De Watergroep - How change management helps to make every drop count (20 min.) read more
How Milcobel & EFSA get the most business value out of their data (20 min.) read more
4:50 PM
Joris Ide - How to achieve an omnichannel customer experience (20 min.) read more
Renson - The magic B2B production triangle: intuitive web shop, creative design and sturdy SAP engine (20 min.) read more
S/4HANA Move - the BLUEFIELD data migration approach with SNP - the most versatile way to move (20 min.) read more
BekaertDeslee - Speed up employee onboarding (20 min.) read more
De Watergroep / Hydroware - Smart data in Utilities (20 min.) read more
5:15 PM
Closing words (15 min.)
5:30 PM
Networking, walking dinner and drinks (120 min.)


While Cath Luyten acts as the overall event moderator, 5 other experts in their respective fields will lead the sessions and will guide you through the storyline of each inspiration track.

Overall event moderator
VRT television presenter and reporter. To mention only a few highlights, Cath has worked for the VRT, a Belgian public broadcaster, as a researcher, reporter and talk show host on shows like Vlaanderen Vakantieland, Café Corsari, Buurman, wat doe je nu?, and many more. Cath published her first book under the title 'Silence, Please' and gives every debate or event just that little bit more with her enthusiastic and disarming approach.
Innovation is in all of us and in all of our companies. The art is not innovation itself, but surrounding yourself with people that can guide you in this journey, and make it sustainable.
Martijn Mennen, IT Resources Manager and CIO at Agristo

about last year

Last year we transformed our annual gathering into a live virtual event. Watch the aftermovie to get a taste of all the inspiring stories that were told.