Business Intelligence Analyst

SAP, data & ai, some experience, consultant

You believe working in data is all about bringing added value and helping customers achieve their business goals. You would like to combine your business acumen with strong data skills and form the bridge between business and IT.

Eager to start building data solutions from A – Z that are impactful and add an extra layer of meaning to the data? This means blueprinting, setting up rough drafts of new reports, design and build useful dashboards, … That’s exactly who we are looking for!

Who are we?

The SAP Data & AI team at delaware is the bridge between business processes and data analytics. Our playground is SAP Analytics Cloud, but we work closely with our functional colleagues, who are specialized in SAP ERP. In this sense, we combine the best of both worlds. The most rewarding part of our job is seeing how our customers gain insights into information they never even knew existed, simply because they didn’t know where to look. 

We want to help our customers get to know their own company even better. We’re a mixed group of experienced data lovers, skilled in data cleaning, data warehousing, data analytics, data management, and data science. We have advanced knowledge in data technology, but we always separate the solution from the tool. We never forget the “why”.

Does this sound like music to your ears? Then you might be the Business Intelligence Analyst we’re looking for.

Just so you know: delaware has its offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk, Lummen, Liège and Wavre, but we also spend a lot of time working with our customers on-site, where we follow the rhythm of the client. We work where we work best, when we work best.

more info about this job?

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Lien Declercq - Recruiter

Is there a match?

Let’s see. If you . . .

  • Possess a background in BI, using any tool (SAP Analytics Cloud, Power BI, Excel). Ideally, you have some experience in SAP, whether as an end user or key user.
  • Have a knowledge of business processes (can be finance, supply chain,…).
  • Have at least 2 years of experience.
  • Are a good communicator and dare to challenge the business (above all, you should be able to translate information for both your team and the business).
  •  Are fluent in Dutch and English, with French as a plus.

. . . then you’re the Business Intelligence Analyst we need!

Let's meet up!

Come and have a chat with us and tell us all about your skills, talents, and previous experience. Are you keen to help us grow our SAP Data & AI team? Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Don’t worry if you can’t meet all our requirements. If you can meet some of them, then we want to hear from you and learn all about your skills, talents, and motivation. Click the Apply Now button below, and hopefully, we’ll get to meet each other soon!


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