SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 release: everything you need to know

Jan 31, 2023
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With its 2211 release, SAP Commerce Cloud enters a new phase in its continuous innovation journey. Monthly releases with bite-sized improvements will make it easier to consume new and updated features. Moreover, this release marks the very first cloud-only version of SAP’s e-commerce platform. Here are the most important changes in a nutshell.

Monthly update releases

SAP will continue developing functionalities to enable sustainable and trustworthy e-commerce experiences. However, its full-scale biannual updates officially belong to the past. Monthly updates with smaller improvements will require less time and effort on the customer's behalf.

Any new features will be made available in a ‘switched-off’ mode. In that way, the customer can choose to implement them immediately or not.

The release also contains a wake-up call for all on-premises customers. They will not be able to access the 2211 update, nor any upcoming updates, as SAP Commerce Cloud becomes exclusively cloud-only. They can still rely on the 2205 version, which SAP will continue to support for all customers with a valid on-premises maintenance contract.

A promotion for Spartacus

Spartacus, SAP’s previous open-source project and storefront, is now both rebranded and a fully supported SAP product: SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront. A variety of enhancements promise increased agility, flexibility and convenience, as well as a faster go-to-market approach and lower development costs.

Screen reader and accessibility improvements will streamline e-commerce activities for visually impaired users. Additional upgrades include a new cart library, support for PDF and video CMS components, and the integration of log-in and registration pages with SAP Customer Data Cloud. The storefront also boasts a new set of Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs, which will enable the use of account summaries, reCAPTCHA, customer ticketing, customer 360 view, and more.

Other new features

B2B Commerce

The 2211 release makes it possible to assign more roles to your B2B Buyer Managers, based on their place in the organizational hierarchy. It allows you to restrict ordering rights wherever you need to, and to decide who can see which elements in the order history. In addition, you can configure which payment methods will be offered to which B2B units and buyers in the checkout process, increasing your control.

B2B PunchOut

The platform now supports Level 2 PunchOut, so you can extend the reach of your products and make them more accessible on different procurement networks. In that improved ecosystem, buyers and buying organizations will be able to find and browse your products more easily. You can facilitate their experience even further by deep-linking to Commerce Cloud-powered storefronts and product details pages with more information about, for example, pricing and availability.

SAP S/4HANA integration

Thanks to the happy marriage of SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP S/4HANA, (prospective) customers can now enjoy a unified B2B Order-to-Cash experience. After all, SAP has made it possible to leverage existing SAP S/4HANA business processes in real time – from credit limits and inventory availability to price calculations, reorders, returns, etc. In that way, your customers will automatically receive the most up-to-date invoice information – relieving your customer service along the way.

Intelligent Selling Services

With SAP Commerce Cloud’s Intelligent Selling Services, your (prospective) buyers always get to see the right product at the right time, perfectly tailored to their needs and interests. Advanced personalization options and recommendations, based on the customer’s search history, are intended to grow their basket size and brand loyalty – as well as your conversation rate and average order value. In addition, you can offer an even better customer experience by eliminating any out-of-stock products from their personalized recommendations.

Explore every feature in detail

Everything you have read so far is only the tip of the 2211 iceberg. Would you like to dive in a little deeper? You can explore all 2211 features in their entirety here

Or, better yet: ask us! We would be happy to guide you in exploring all the new and exciting things that SAP Commerce Cloud has to offer, and what they could mean for you and your business.

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