Teambeer product passport

Teambeer product passport

To ensure the unique delaware team beer taste, we implemented the 'from farm to fork' strategy. This allows us to track every stage of production, processing and distribution, thereby reducing the risk of contamination, spoilage, or other hazards. A key concept for this transparency is a product passport: a tool that was created to  share product information across the entire value chain, including data on raw material extraction, production, recycling, etc. 

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At delaware, we try to combine the useful with the pleasant in everything we do. ‘Useful’ can be interpreted broadly: we conduct our core business while creating a positive impact in a challenging world. From that mindset, the idea of brewing a tasty beer for a good cause came into being. 

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Product characteristics

Lot numberDT-230309-A

Cooling temperature25°C
Temperature initial fermentation22°C
Temperature ruh storage2°C
Temperature storage23°C
Density before boiling
Density after boiling
Final Alc% tank4.5
Alcohol % bottle
CO2 end of fermentation 
CO2 after filtering 
Barley maltLot: MAL-2022-011 

Belgian Hops (Nortern Brouwer & Cascade)
Lot: BEL-2023-001

27% of consumers are prepared to change brand if another company is more transparent on the product passport

Piet Vanwolleghem

Industry lead discrete manufacturing

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