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Advanced planning

Achieve a holistic view of your supply chain in the short and long-term to meet changing demands.
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Industry 4.0

Opens up to a world of opportunities to optimize manufacturing, from a more controlled supply chain to increased productivity.
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Information management_icon

Information management

Digitalise and interlink unstructured information within your organisation to drive sustainable growth.
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Smart Maintenance_icon

Smart Maintenance

Operate your production facilities at 100% efficiency at all times.
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Smart warehouse

Optimise your warehouse operations today  to raise efficiency and saves costs.
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to helping you streamline your operations and deliver efficiency using the best IT solutions for your business


What to look for in a new Learning Management System

Originally, learning management systems (LMS) came to life together with online learning. Training organizations needed tools to host and feature their online courses. Gradually, those LMSs added functionalities to support classroom training, training evaluations, testing, certifications and reporting.

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The importance of data archiving

In today’s system landscapes data grows continuously and at an ever increasing speed. This creates a challenge for today’s businesses.
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BLUEFIELD: pushing the limits of SAP S/4 migration

As the next generation of ERP, SAP S/4HANA has the potential to transform your organization’s business strategy by enabling your people to make informed, data-driven decisions in real time. It also paves the way for new technologies like AI, machine learning, and IoT, and its lightning-fast data handling accelerates every data-related process.

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Welcome to Tomorrow: An innovation ecosystem

First conceived in 2017, DEL20 is a co-creation program for customers to explore how they can add value to their business with emerging technologies. As we see disruptive newcomers reshape industries – from finance to manufacturing – every organisation and political leader will agree that innovation is the key to sustainable success. DEL20 has seen multiple successful runs in Belgium, The Netherlands and France. We are excited to announce that DEL20 will kick off in Singapore this year in 2021.

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