Tokio Marine: Transforming Customer Communications

Dec 28, 2020
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Tokio Marine utilises Customer Communication Management (CCM) tool, OpenText Exstream to deliver enhanced customer experience while streamlining back-end operations

Established in 1879, Tokio Marine (“TM”) is the first insurance company in Japan and has grown over the decades, now offering an extensive selection of General and Life insurance products and solutions in 46 countries and regions.

Constant Innovation

Driving customer satisfaction with customer communication management

Staying true to one of its core missions – Innovation to drive the future - TM discovered OpenText ExStream – a Customer Communication Management (CCM) product used to process and synchronise consistent and highly personalised real-time documents across the TM teams. As the scale of the business continues to grow in the region and the current software version nearing its end-of-life, TM needed a solution to manage the documentation of its growing portfolio in their offices in Asia starting in Vietnam and Indonesia. Being able to respond swiftly to changes in their customers’ needs is essential, allowing the organisation to stay competitive and relevant in the ever-changing business landscape while delivering the utmost customer experience.

A partnership made hand-in-hand

TM needed a trusted partner with experience in the insurance domain to effectively deploy the new system and enlisted: delaware, a trusted Technology Partner for output management work over the years. delaware has completed several “from scratch" implementations and system upgrades for TM with the relationship beginning in 2008.

we chose delaware as they are experts in developing and implementing OpenText solutions. In these challenging times, more than ever, digital experiences are making or breaking businesses
Van Nguyen, IT Manager - Tokio Marine Vietnam

Unparalleled collaboration

Between the Tokio Marine and delaware

The parties underwent multiple in-depth discussions during the project duration to ensure that everyone was on the same page. As with any other project, the team encountered some early obstacles such as language barriers with the Vietnam office and vague requirements, but these were successfully overcome.

the delaware team is passionate about the solution, eager to go the extra mile to improve the process and share their knowledge. They worked hard to understand our objective and pain points and created a solution that helps us to innovate. There was this great culture of collaboration and desire to share and help us
Van Nguyen, IT Manager - Tokio Marine Vietnam

Using industry-specific templates in tools such as Microsoft Visio and Excel, the project team mapped out the project scope and process. The delaware team utilised multiple scenarios and test scripts and created intuitive mockups to allow users to assess the correctness and completeness of specified documents.

It was also paramount to have clear segregated signoff documentation between the end-users and the core IT team before the build started and a three-party contract was defined. This ensured the parallel progress of the different teams during the project. “The project was smooth sailing due to the strong collaboration between TM Vietnam and delaware” Christopher Goh, Senior Consultant at delaware stated. “The TM team was fully onboarded early with all the activities and eagerly participated throughout the project.”

whenever I reached out to delaware with my questions on the product, they will help me find a solution that is the best for my organization. The team delivered solutions tailored to our needs within the stipulated timeline and budget
Van Nguyen, IT Manager - Tokio Marine Vietnam

A step in the right direction

Unlocking possibilities

The successful rollout in the Vietnam office has built confidence for Tokio Marine, their Indonesia office is currently following its implementation. The other South East Asia entities will be following suit in subsequent phases. With the new implementation now in place, Tokio Marine would benefit from:

Cost Savings

Tokio Marine has also generated valuable cost-savings. With every step of the document authoring and editing process completed through the OpenText solution, they are achieving a long-term goal of operating more sustainably and reducing use of paper.


Self-service Capability

There is now unparalleled flexibility for users to evolve the documents and outputs themselves. It has replaced cumbersome manual processes with streamlined digital authoring and editing tools, cutting production costs. All these can be done without additional intervention from the IT department, leading to improved workflow and greater operational efficiency. 

Enhanced Cross Collaboration

The implementation facilitates rapid development and reduces rework risks by reducing dependencies between team tasks. The various business units and the IT support team can now work together in tandem.

Faster Time-to-Market

Tokio Marine will experience a significant reduction in the business teams’ workload across project phases, seeing more regular updates to policy schedules bringing true agility and velocity. Improved quality of service as clients receive policy information faster, contributing to higher levels of satisfaction. 

Information Integration

Tokio Marine can easily integration information from their database in real-time for their marketing team to facilitate their social media updates and communications.

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