Tackle today’s healthcare challenges and prepare for tomorrow 

We connect the digital dots, from the patient journey to the back-office services. By doing so, we ensure that healthcare organizations have the right insights to steer their operations in a sustainable way.

The answer to today’s healthcare challenges

The answer to today’s healthcare challenges

How can data insights help your healthcare organization to cope with day-to-day challenges? An overview of today’s trends and issues in the sector:

Due to an aging population, the number of people in need of medical care rises, while at the same time the search for medical personnel is becoming increasingly challenging. Data insights help you to become even more efficient and focus on delivering value.

Digitization has led to more empowered patients who wish deeper insights and guidance from healthcare professionals. By implementing solutions which leverage data transparency and insights, you give your healthcare professionals tools that support the new, digital way of working.

Access to new medical technologies increases the amount of healthcare data exponentially. Unlocking its full potential will allow you to gain new and valuable insights, or, in other words, make the digital transformation real.

The current policy supports a move towards more hospital networks. Healthcare institutions need to be able to work together to broaden their expertise, improve their medical offering, and benefit from economies of scale. To allow for collaboration and informed decision-making, integrated systems that connect the dots are indispensable.

The healthcare sector is under financial stress, as is the case with many other sectors. You need to do more with less: control your costs while increasing the quality of care. Having good insights in the numbers will lead to a financially healthier and sustainable healthcare.

A threefold approach

A threefold approach

delaware guides healthcare organizations in becoming future-proof, relying on advanced healthcare solutions and services. We take on a threefold approach towards sustainable healthcare. Taking into account the above-mentioned challenges, we see three focal points and areas to offer support:

How to put the patient at the center of the healthcare experience using digital and other solutions, and improve outcomes? We help you to design a patient-first experience, and at the same time, leverage your hospital’s reputation. 

To optimize care-taking, you need well-functioning back-office processes. We make this real via a single information and management system for your back-office processes, such as finance, logistics, procurement, kitchen/linen, etc. Our long-standing partnership with software provider SAP allows us to deliver a state-of-the-art S/4HANA environment.

By making data-driven decisions, you can improve your processes and compliance, significantly reduce costs and drive even better patient outcomes. One continuously monitored platform will also ensure smooth governmental reporting. Discover more on patient value and prepare your organization for the journey towards value-based healthcare.

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