Digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystem

Feeding into digital consumption

The consumption of information and media via digital means will only grow with time. COVID-19 has resulted in digital consumption to surge by over 30%, creating new and lasting consumer habits. Communicate timely with the right audience at the right time and channel with our Intelligent Engagement Hub.

Intelligent Engagement Hub is a framework intended to Digitally Enable companies in FSI sector, allow them to become significantly more customer centric through a recommendation engine & ensure that across channels, customers always enjoy a similar experience.


Seamless digital experience all around

we commit
to deliver a sound and robust digital ecosystem which align with and support your overall business objectives

Intelligent Engagement Hub

A visual representation

Explore the possibilities with an intelligent engagement hub strategy

Flow and design of the Intelligent Engagement Hub

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How we can help you 

Our  experts has helped organisation across industries step into the digital future. Along with digital transformation, we set up a communication strategy, create creative concepts and messages, bring all those aspects together in a communication plan, and supervise the rollout of campaigns.

By closely collaborating with your team, we can develop the right messaging and communicate it by means of a communication kit, consisting of different assets using various communication channels.

Why choose delaware? 

  • We offer a structured approach
  • We offer end-to-end communication tracks from audit to delivery
  • We collaborate closely with your communications team
  • We are comprised of a specialised team of senior communication consultants specialised in IT marketing and communication