How WM Supplies’ new B2B portal can help others boost customer experience

Nov 16, 2021
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WM Supplies is a family-owned company that has supplied essential products to the healthcare sector for over three decades. To offer its customers greater control over the ordering process and respond to the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has teamed up with delaware to develop a transparent B2B portal that seamlessly integrates with its SAP ERP system. Companies in other industries will be able to benefit as well.

The global pandemic had a huge impact on demand for basic medical products – and Belgium-based WM Supplies wanted to ensure the best support for its customers: hospitals, care homes and centers, medical institutes, pharma wholesalers and more. Following an SAP Business ByDesign implementation led and managed by delaware, WM Supplies invested in an integrated e-commerce B2B portal that responds to its specific business needs, but can easily be adapted for other contexts and industries as well.

Updating a manual and time-consuming process

Previously, the customers of WM Supplies submitted their orders by sending an Excel file via email. This cumbersome way of processing orders is not only time-consuming for customers, it also required manual re-entry by the WM Supplies team – which leaves room for human errors. 

The team at delaware worked closely with WM Supplies, not just to clarify their vision of a tool to automate the ordering process, but to create a feasible technical framework that they could build on, beginning with their needs and processes.

“WM Supplies has experts in functional areas, but no dedicated IT department,” explains Ian Kerkhove, lead developer at delaware. “We worked hard to to build this B2B solution with them – not just for them. We involved people from the business from the very start of this project in order to develop unique features for the product, such as the ability to create multiple users at once, perform product availablity checks and giving WM Supplies’ customers access to their order and invoice history.”

As an innovative partner, we got to sit around the table at delaware. Our requirements were taken into account, and we’re now reaping the benefits.
Dominic Lagae, COO at WM Supplies

Excellence in customer service

The result of the project is a SaaS application that is designed and built by delaware in collaboration with WM Supplies, but which can be implemented in almost any industry or can be used as a template to expand upon. Here, customers can find all the information they need and create new orders in a few easy steps. As a business, you’ll benefit from fully automated orders, seamless integration into your SAP ERP, lower back-office costs and robust data security. 

“By eliminating the human factor that used to be needed to enter orders into the SAP system, the portal significantly boosts the reliability of the ordering process,” asserts Laurent de Meulenaere, Product owner B2B Portal at delaware. “Even more, the solution empowers customers by offering them insights into the process through track and trace, stock checks and other self-service functionalities. This boosts transparency and reinforces the strong customer relationships that WM Supplies seeks to build.“

B2B portal benefits in a nutshell

  • Strengthen customer relationships and partnerships with a superior experience and transparency.
  • Lower back-office costs with fully automated order processing.
  • Enjoy seamless SAP integration and world-class data security.
  • Future-proof your organization with boosted agility.
  • Easily adapt the portal to your specific context and industry needs.

Thriving in dynamic times

WM Supplies’ embrace of e-commerce with the new B2B portal doesn’t just streamline its processes and offer greater customer-facing transparency. The solution also increases the company’s agility in the face of changes in demand for its high-urgency goods.

The B2B portal enabled us to cope with the huge increase in demand caused by the pandemic. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to provide our customers with the medical supplies they needed in a high-quality and timely fashion.
Anke Dubron, project manager at WM Supplies

Today, between 25 and 30% of the orders come in via the new B2B portal, and the WM Supplies team is reporting lower costs and plenty of positive feedback from its customers.

Ready to take your business to the next level and benefit from improved customer and supplier relationships, automated processes and lower costs with our B2B portal? Get in touch with our team of experts. 

B2B portal: smoother collaboration in supply chain activities

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