SAP Joule

SAP Joule

Your new AI assistant comes with a human touch

So far, we’ve merely scratched the surface of generative AI’s potential in the workplace. With Joule, SAP redefines the way businesses – and people – work. Its cutting-edge AI assistant sifts through and contextualizes data from multiple systems, empowering professionals to get their work done faster and drive better business outcomes. By choosing delaware as an implementation partner, you’ll leverage Joule’s full potential while maintaining full control of security and compliance

GenAI with real business impact

Imagine having a colleague who knows what you mean, not just what you say. Who has access to every relevant internal and external resource. Who can turn raw data into insights, understands context, and can even take appropriate next steps where needed. Who always operates in a secure, responsible way, and who always has your organization’s best interests at heart.

Meet Joule, SAP’s advanced, LLM-based assistant for cloud customers. Building on and enhancing the existing SAP Business AI offering, Joule delivers proactive and contextualized insights. Simply ask a question or frame a problem in plain language to get an intelligent answer or to solve a business task. 

  • Gain a better understanding of sales performance, e.g. by letting Joule identify underperforming segments.
  • Reveal supply chain issues and generate ideas for potential fixes based on real-world information.
  • Create unbiased job descriptions for HR and generate relevant interview questions. 
  • Rapidly onboard new employees who are unfamiliar with SAP.
SAP's enterprise solutions are great at handling the intricacies of organizational structures and processes. When integrated with Joule, these complexities are transformed into a more user-friendly format, giving business users more time to focus on value-adding tasks instead of administration.
Simon Vandelanotte, data & AI manager at delaware

Benefits you'll love

Faster work

Streamline tasks with an AI assistant that knows your employees’ unique roles and acts as a super smart colleague across applications. 

Smarter insights

Quick answers and on-demand insights eliminate bottlenecks and result in faster (and better!) decisions. 

Better outcomes

Jumpstart your work with tailored content. Generate job descriptions, receive coding assistance, and more.

Full control

Leverage the power of generative AI while remaining in control of decision-making processes and securing your data.

Joule X delaware: human-powered AI implementation

“Joule clearly shows SAP’s commitment to generative AI,” says data & AI manager Simon Vandelanotte. “By combining its powerful capabilities with our industry experience and technological expertise, you’re setting your organization up for long-term success.”

Specifically, delaware can help you with: 

  • setting up the right (pre-)training protocols and environments, based on decades of SAP, LLM, and industry-specific experience and expertise;
  • coaching your people in genAI best practices and responsible use to reap Joule’s benefits while mitigating risks;
  • preparing your business for a not-so-distant future, where tools like SAP Joule are part of everyday life;
  • in short: getting started with SAP Joule in your business the right way.

SAP X delaware: great minds think alike

SAP and delaware go way back, and every step along the way, we’ve been in the front-row seat to witness SAP’s vision take shape. We think alongside top partners in strategic discussions and are part of the SAP BTP Advisory Board. In this new and exciting genAI chapter as well, we’re involved at every level to ensure our experts are always up to speed with the latest trends and releases. And did we mention we’re the 11th SAP Platinum Partner globally?

leverage the power of SAP Joule and delaware 

Simon Vandelanotte, data & AI manager

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