Step 2: we roadmap

Step 2: we roadmap

We’re refreshingly realistic. 

After assessing your organization and defining concrete goals, we guide you in making the right choices regarding technology, people and processes. In our approach we look for immediate gains as well as long-term strategic impact. Together, we define priorities that are realistic in their execution and contribute to sustainable success for your organization. 
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Our roadmap services

1. Digital strategy 

Internal alignment is crucial to make all the right strategic choices, and to guarantee that everyone is (and remains) on board. From website and marketing strategies to your commercial excellence and CRM transformation wishes – and everything in between and beyond –  we make sure that every decision matches your vision.

  • We configure your compass for future investments, based on realistic KPIs
  • We identify internal growth opportunities to support your strategic goals

2. Collaborative ideation & creative roadmap design 

As soon as we have an overview of your organization’s pain points, we can start co-creating the best possible solutions. How can we reconcile technology, processes and people in your unique transformation? The methods we use will help you create internal alignment and get people on board early on in your journey.

  • We use design sprint and design-thinking methods to spot quick wins and durable solutions
  • We help you create a roadmap in tune with your corporate strategy and digital maturity
  • We locate innovative ways to upgrade your marketing, sales and/or operations
CX architecture

3. CX architecture 

When it comes to designing your architecture, we make sure it fits your organization's needs for today and tomorrow. We can design something that works within a single ecosystem or go for a 100% MACH approach - whichever suits you best. We'll match it against cost, flexibility, and scalability to ensure it's just right.

We work with lots of different ecosystems, like Sitecore, Optimizely, Kentico, SAP CX, Salesforce and MS Dynamics

We can also help with asset management and product content platforms such as inriver, Digizuite, Aprimo, and SyncForce.

We also support different MACH technologies - Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless - like and Contentstack. 

  • We co-design your CX architecture and facilitate your tool selection
  • We map out the integrations for efficiency and scalability
  • We make sure you strike the right chord, with top-tier tools in an infrastructure that allows for smooth additions, substitutions and removals
process & governance

4. Processes & governance 

Realizing your digital ambitions starts with the right people, technology, and processes. We help you find out how you need to optimize your operations and meet your customers’ expectations.

  • We help you become fully future-proof and flexible, so you can adapt quickly in a rapidly changing world
  • We keep track of your transformative choices, so they remain in tune with your customers’ needs and perceptions

we collaborated closely with delaware to refine key building blocks for improved customer experience and build a highly structured roadmap - this roadmap consists of business process improvements, as well as systems and architecture that must be implemented to support the redesigned customer experience
Omer Gerson - director of Digital, Analytics and Innovation at Netafim

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