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Move to truly connected planning with ease

To navigate today’s ever-evolving business landscape, your organization needs to pivot quickly. Are you considering a move from financial to connected planning to steer your organization through this constant change? If so, Anaplan may be just what you need.

Cloud-native, modular and intelligent, it optimizes your planning processes by connecting data, people, and plans across your business. Add to that our expertise and experience to help you make optimal use of the platform – and you’re ready to truly transform your planning processes.

Why you’ll love Anaplan

Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and performance management platform that was developed to enable connected planning in its purest form. Featuring a user-friendly and customizable interface and robust functionality, the platform enables business users from all departments to collaborate and connect their data. The result: an accurate picture of the organization – from finance, sales, marketing and production through to supply chain, all within one single, unified platform. 

Your benefits:

  • Agility: plan and pivot faster, and more often; 
  • Informed decisions: make more impactful decisions, thanks to a single source of planning truth (connected, real-time data);
  • Productivity: maximize the high-value work of your finance team.
Anaplan is recognized as a leader in the finance, sales as well as supply chain planning magic quadrants, confirming its position as a truly connected planning solution. 


Anaplan was built to help business users rapidly adapt to change, by connecting data and people. 5 features that make it stand out from many of its competitors:

  • Truly modular approach, enabling you to start small and embrace new features as you grow. 
  • Centralized data hub: easily share and consolidate information from different business units, departments, and regions, and unify data collection and analysis in a single location.
  • Exceptional user experience: intuitively create new planning models and what-if scenarios and adjust them to stay aligned with change. 
  • Embedded intelligence: make use of Anaplan’s predictive algorithms and AI capabilities to gain valuable forward-looking insights;
  • State-of-the-art platform: unique architecture, in-memory capabilities and best-in-class security make sure you enjoy excellent performance, high availability and robust data protection.

Why choose delaware?

For decades, we at delaware have been combining our experience in finance with deep technological expertise. Quite recently, we’ve been strengthening our team with a set of experienced finance professionals, who bring many years of management consulting experience to the table. 

By complementing our joint know-how with the pragmatic approach that has been our calling card for years, we can provide valuable advice, implement Anaplan for you, and develop new applications that will add value for your organization.

Ready to break down the silos and take planning to the next level, with Anaplan and delaware? Get in touch!

Mathieu Van De Poel

Finance & Performance Management Lead

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