delaware helps build Ghent University Hospital’s digital future

May 02, 2023
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Digitization is changing various industries, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Hospitals need to redefine IT systems to improve quality of care, control costs and become future proof. That’s exactly what’s on Ghent University Hospital’s agenda and the hospital enlisted delaware’s help to get them there. With an ongoing SAP S/4HANA migration and a newly implemented Microsoft 365-based digital workplace, Ghent University Hospital is set for the digital future of healthcare.

Enhanced quality and efficiency

The past few years, Ghent University Hospital invested heavily in the digital transformation of financial, logistical and administrative processes to improve overall quality and efficiency levels. “A number of these digitalization projects were awarded to delaware, and the collaboration immediately felt like a partnership rather than a vendor-client relationship,” says Bernard Fockaert, Head of the ICT Business Applications department at Ghent University Hospital. “The cultures of delaware and Ghent University Hospital are very complementary. Both parties have the same purpose in mind; we always try to look for user-friendly solutions that bring added value for employees and (middle) management alike.” 

Changing for the better with SAP S/4HANA

Quality and patient-friendly care is at the center of Ghent University Hospital’s services, and a well-functioning ERP system is certainly a solid foundation to build those services on. Hence, Ghent University Hospital has been making the move from SAP ECC and SAP SRM to next-generation SAP S/4HANA business suite since the beginning of 2023. Technology is one thing, but the implementation process – and the people involved – are at least as important for project success, if not more. delaware supports both the technical and the functional side of the implementation and brownfield migration in every step of the way. As such, delaware also assists end-users in getting acquainted with the SAP Fiori user interface. 

The go-live is scheduled for late 2024 and both parties agreed upon 8 years of after-care. The stage has been set for a fruitful collaboration and a successful migration. With the implementation of SAP S/4HANA, Ghent University Hospital is taking new steps in the integration of various processes and systems, such as pharmacy and lab software for purchasing and logistics processes and SuccessFactors as human capital management software. 

Digital workplace journey so far (so good!)

Speaking of human capital, in October 2021, Ghent University Hospital and delaware also joined forces for the setup of a Microsoft 365-based digital workplace focusing on improved communication and collaboration. Not an easy exercise when you know Ghent University Hospital supports a workforce of over 6,000 employees. After more than one year of blueprinting and implementing certain modules, the full digital workplace will be up and running this upcoming May.

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