Pepper is dressing up for Hype-O-Dream

Jul 01, 2017
  • IT
  • artificial intelligence & RPA

He’s still figuring out which performances he would like to see at Hype-O-Dream but Pepper is very much looking forward to his first festival. Last summer, delaware partnered with Hype-o-Dream for the first time – a unique chance to show the festivalgoers the potential of innovative technologies such as virtual reality. We had a really good time and were delighted with the massive amount of positive reactions we received.

A unique meet-and-greet with Pepper

So we’re now gearing up for a second edition, and Pepper will be joining us. He will once again try his best to guess people’s ages and perhaps even work there as a host to guide festivalgoers to the next act they want to see. Also, at our booth, visitors will get a glimpse of next-generation shopping in our virtual store. And of course we have many more cool and innovative technologies and projects to talk about.

The #peopleofdelaware not only have innovation in their DNA, but definitely fun as well. That’s why Hype-o-Dream is such a good match for us. It’s a fun way to show how innovative technology is working its way into our day-to-day business lives. At delaware, we are convinced of the added value of many of these technologies and we’re working closely together with our customers to integrate them into their businesses in the most efficient and valuable way possible.

But enough about us. We’re looking forward to meeting you at our booth and to hearing your ideas about innovation and technology! See you all on July 15!