DEL20: an adapted launch that proved a success

Apr 22, 2020
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We are living in a time unlike any other, one which is shaking up our daily lives, our habits and our ways of interacting. Social distancing, which is essential and should allow us to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, is also forcing businesses to find new solutions so that they can continue to operate. This is also why we at delaware adapted the DEL20 events in Flanders and Wallonia, to ensure that the new cycle of our ecosystem of innovation could kick off in 2020.

DEL20, an ecosystem for innovation

DEL20 is a co-creation ecosystem that has been established by delaware. The original idea? To bring together multiple customers and offer them a framework that encourages innovation and experimenting together, and also allow the sharing of best practices bringing IT and business closer together. Participants are given an opportunity to try out new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language processing, Internet of Things (IoT) together with delaware experts and to develop innovations to meet the concrete needs of their businesses. The icing on the cake is that the winning projects receive 25 days of free consulting.

An interactive webinar set up in just five days

Long anticipated was the launch of DEL20’s 2020 edition in Wallonia on April 2nd. What was originally intended to take place in the form of an event where applicants to the programme could meet and present their projects had to be completely reworked. After all, in the midst of this confinement period, it was of course out of the question to retain this formula which calls for physical interactions and the presence of large numbers of people in a single location. 

The delaware teams therefore worked on a solution that could allow all participants to present their project remotely. delaware’s expertise and knowledge of technological tools were crucial assets that helped them provide a positive experience despite the circumstances. 

Much more than a mere webinar, the DEL20 kicked off with a genuine interactive video platform that was created in a only five days. Creating and activating the platform, conducting interviews with the various project owners, editing videos, etc. This intensive work allows viewers to immerse themselves in a virtual version of delaware’s premises. 

Once they are logged in on the platform, they can open one of the 19 doors, behind which the project owners present their DEL20 project application. All the viewer has to do, is vote for the most persuasive projects. This vote leads to the selection of 6 projects that will receive 20 to 25 days of free consulting services, to be provided by the delaware experts. 

The number of participants has risen since the previous edition, as 65 people attended the virtual edition of the DEL20 on April 2nd. The participants were blown away by this incredible work accomplished in record time. 

The battles in Flanders

In Flanders, the kick-off event for the DEL20 took place in January. In April it was time for the battles, during which customers can vote for the projects that receive 25 consulting days, free of charge. As with the Walloon event, a virtual webinar was organized: eight projects were presented to the customers, out of which 4 projects were chosen by their peers. The customers were very pleased with this virtual event and are happy that they can start collaborating on their project, together with delaware experts. In the upcoming session, the progress of these projects will be shared with the DEL20 community.

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