Proud to introduce our delaware beer: Team!

Proud to introduce our delaware beer

At delaware, we try to combine the useful with the pleasant in everything we do. ‘Useful’ can be interpreted broadly: we conduct our core business while creating a positive impact in a challenging world. From that mindset, the idea of brewing a tasty beer for a good cause came into being. 

We’re proud to present Team: our very first delaware beer for the #peopleofdelaware and beyond. delaware will double the amount of the sales and donate it to Kinderkankerfonds. We strongly believe Team reflects who we are: we’re creative and committed entrepreneurs that greatly value responsibility. 

De Circus Brouwerij

Our delaware beer is brewed by De Circus Brouwerij, a local brewery founded by Bert Deprez and Tim Van Den Berghe, who met at a beer sommelier course. And that’s where the magic happened – literally – as Tim is a former circus artist and Bert worked as a freelancer at another brewery. The two friends are entrepreneurs par excellence, as besides their passion for brewing, they also organize circus camps for children and manage a tasting room.

Commitment to the environment

De Circus Brouwerij is committed to the environment. The brewery is equipped with installations that recover electricity and heat. They reduce their water consumption during the brewing process and their final products are eco-friendly thanks to the use of reusable bottles, recycled carton packaging and PEFC printed labels. 

Team is a low-alcohol beer with Belgium’s finest hops. Its hoppy base in combination with barley and wheat offers a full, yet refined taste and the use of dry hopping delivers extra fruity aromas. Team is crafted with team spirit for the #peopleofdelaware and beyond. Cheers!

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