A Mid-Autumn Gathering

Mastering the Art of Digital Leadership for Business Leaders

Business leaders: Mastering the art of digital leadership

You are warmly invited

We warmly invite fellow esteemed business leaders to join us for an evening of dialogue & networking with other like-minded business leaders. 

Along with tea appreciation by a Tea Master from Tea Chapter and mooncake pairing to celebrate mid-autumn festival (中秋节). 


As we transit into an increasingly digital business landscape, what playbook does business leaders have to thrive and succeed? We invite business leaders to cross-share their experiences and knowledge of the art of leading in a digital world.

Leaders' Dialogue

  • How traditionally non-tech leaders can navigate and thrive in an increasing digital-driven business landscape.
  • Striving the balance between business goals and technology maturity.
  • Looking at the latest technology market trends and how organisations can take advantage of them. 


  • Network with fellow like-minded business leaders alongside a tea appreciation and moon cake paring with a Tea Master from Tea Chapter.

A Mid-Autumn Gathering: 
Mastering the art of digital leadership

5th September 2022, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Mapletree Business City

  • Leaders' Dialogue
  • Networking
  • Tea appreciation + Mooncake pairing 

Special guests