Hear from consulting analysts

Sep 14, 2022

We sat down with Sze Ting Low and Sarah Lim, consulting analysts to hear about their time and experience with delaware Singapore.

Earlier last month, we got the chance to sit down with new joiners (relatively) Sze Ting Low and Sarah Lim to learn about their time and experience at delaware Singapore thus far. They are both currently working as functional consultants involved with SAP implementation projects.

What motivated you to join delaware?

Sze Ting: In my previous role working for a retail company, I witness first-hand the inefficiencies and frustrations due to the manual and outdated processes from day-to-day. It was only through digitalisation that processes improved and it gives me great satisfaction to know that the work we are doing at delaware is helping our customers do the same too.

Sarah: I have always been interested in technology. Technology is always an exciting space where it has the ability to improve the lives of people (as seen in my past experience with a healthcare start up). With the projects I am working on at delaware, I see that end-users are benefited from the latest tools and software which makes their jobs smoother and delivering overall greater job satisfaction.

Did the lack of formal IT background hindered you in your work?

Sarah: I came from a non-IT background, having graduated from NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science with a Geography major. While there have been some learning curves such as learning about SAP T-codes or GUI, they were not impossible to pick up. Through the guidance of the senior colleagues and team members, they have become second nature to me. In addition, I think coming from a non-traditional IT background allows me to bring a different POV to the team and sometimes bring about unique solutions to the customers.

How has the work been so far?

Sarah: I've come to realised that there is no standard day-to-day for consulting. I have the privilege of being involved with the several project ranging from looking at change management to drive user adoption and acceptance, to driving a system feasibility study for a global logistic company.

While my work does comes with some challenges along the way, I was able to overcome them with the help of my team members (and google) where I was able pick up so much more in skills and knowledge in the end.

Sze Ting: Work has been enjoyable for me at delaware. A highlight of my time at delaware was our first ever team cohesion at a Desaru resort in Malaysia. I volunteered as one of the organising member and was grateful that the activities brought so many laughers and cheers to the people (and finally some normalcy after the restrictions).

How do you find the culture at delaware?

Sze Ting: I truly enjoy the flexibility of working at delaware. Now that work-from-home is a norm, delaware has embraced allowing us to work from wherever is the most productive for us. I personally enjoy coming into the office and sitting alongside my team mates for the team discussions and bonding. 

The strong culture of trust between team members and partners is also something I particularly enjoy. I get adequate autonomy for the tasks are assisted to me.

Sarah: delaware cares about both our customers and its people and clients. So far, it has been an enjoyable time working with colleagues and customers.