Hear from our Supporting Analyst on Training Sponsorship!

May 23, 2023

In delaware, we care!  We are committed to our people. We encourage all #peopleofdelaware to build a learning culture where knowledge is shared from training attended. We also encourage our people to further enhancing their skills through continuous learning and upgrading.  

After working for delaware for close to 2 years, I have decided to pursue a tertiary course, BSc in Science with Honours in Computing Science. I am glad delaware recognises my efforts and agreed to sponsor me in part of my academic pursuit. 

- Paul Yew, EIM Analyst

While we recognize that skills and knowledge are best achieved through work experience and exposure, we acknowledge that some of us aspire to improve our qualifications through a formal academic pathway with a recognized institute of higher learning.

Our Commitment to You

delaware may consider sponsoring deserving analysts for an undergraduate course if they are admitted successfully to a relevant course with a recognized university, including distant learning courses. To be eligible, one must have dedicated his or her service for 2 years, with clearly demonstrated values and commitments.

delaware will sponsor the successful candidate, up to $12,000 for the tuition fee and administrative charges.  A successful recipient of the training sponsorship is also expected to remain with delaware for 2 years as part of a training bond agreement.