delaware looks at Digital Employee experience

Oct 25, 2022

A seamless and optimised digital employee experience is crucial for overall productivity and work satisfaction. We banded together a task force across the different entities and caught up with Dudley Lin, on the DEX initiatives at delaware.

By Dudley Lin - Information Management Analyst

In August of 2022, our Information Management Analyst, Dudley represented the delaware Singapore office in a workshop to uncover the delaware Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in Paris, France. We caught up with him to learn more about the work that DEX team is working on.

What is the purpose of DEX workshop?

DEX workshop stands for Digital Employee eXperience, and like the name, this workshop was meant to look into the employees’ digital experience and explore any possibilities for improvements and enhancement. This is a timely initiative considering that the world we live in now largely depends on digital transactions, both at work and in our day to day life, compounded with the effects that COVID has brought about globally. 

The main goals that this workshop aims to achieve is to identify pain points and areas of improvement in terms of the digital experience of the employee at different levels (consulting, HR, marketing, manager etc). For the different levels, we were grouped and assigned specific personas in each level, brainstormed over three days the different digital tools that are utilised by such roles, and the possibility of introducing other tools that may fill in the gaps if there were any identified. 

What were some of the most significant cultural differences (e.g. working style, how you communicate) you saw across the different countries?

It was indeed a breath of fresh air to be able to work with people all over the world. To be exposed to the thought processes of others who are living on the other side of the glove was quite invigorating as it offers a new perspective on what issues they face, and how they approach them. 

The members also very much more vocal and expressive, which makes communication really clear and easy. That sits well with me as I too, am vocal and expressive by nature. 

How did you manage to contribute to the workshop?

Besides just being the un-official photographer of the workshop, I was also part of the group that adopted a persona, where we brainstormed and ironed out different gaps and pain points. I hope that my contribution and participation was at substantial enough!

What is your biggest takeaway?

Other than the fact that you should be 100% alert over your belongings in foreign countries (where I got my bag pickpocketed but returned to me fortunately), my biggest takeaway from this workshop was the experience as a whole; working with counterparts all over the world, experiencing new environments, exposure to fresh and diverse perspectives, immersing in the varied cultures that's been brought to the table, sharing problems and offering solutions. That is the biggest takeaway in itself.

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