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OpenText Aviator

Let your data take flight

For over 20 years, OpenText has been at the forefront of information management, enterprise search, content services, and extraction. OpenText Aviator, its full-stack AI suite, is the culmination of those decades of expertise. It offers a range of highly-specific solutions that allow organizations to leverage the power of AI in their daily workflows – from IT operations and content creation to data analytics. 

OpenText Aviator combines large language models (LLMs) and an organization’s private data sets to perform specific tasks and solve challenges for both business and technology users. 

Aviator for business users

  • OpenText IT Operations Aviator
  • OpenText Experience Aviator
  • OpenText Business Network Aviator
  • OpenText DevOps Aviator
  • OpenText Content Aviator
  • OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator

Aviator for technology users

  • OpenText Aviator Platform
  • OpenText Aviator IoT
  • OpenText Aviator Lab
  • OpenText Aviator Search
  • OpenText Aviator Thrust and Thrust Studio 
With Aviator, OpenText is taking a significant step in making this vision a reality and helping organizations to fully embrace the digital workplace.
Johan Raedemaeker, Partner

An AI-powered content assistant

Take OpenText Content Aviator, for example. Not only does it provide easy access to stored knowledge and information, it also manages structured and unstructured data, and even automates intelligent workspaces.

More specifically, this allows users to:

  • find relevant content faster with semantic search;
  • summarize information from multiple disparate documents;
  • generate new content based on relevant historical data;
  • translate information into multiple languages;
  • automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters

The benefits


OpenText Content Aviator features a conversational, natural-language based interface, so anyone can work with it. This approach instantly increases the value of your business content while also easing the burden of information overload for employees.

Content support on call

It can also function as a dedicated, 24/7 genAI subject matter expert for your employees. In this way, OpenText Content Aviator effectively automates level 1 support, reducing the queue of tickets and saving your support team tons of time and budget. Because it easily collects and unlocks information and expertise, it’s also the perfect tool to tackle the challenges of an aging workforce.

An AI that plays well with others

OpenText Aviator differentiates itself from other generative AI solutions through its universal compatibility across various platforms. This allows organizations to integrate and deploy generative AI (genAI) capabilities within their existing digital ecosystems. This enhances productivity and decision-making across the board.

Information management: your runway to AI-powered heights

Numerous top-tier companies have already put their trust in OpenText to manage their private data sets – from B2B transactions and operational content to application code and intellectual property. Now, these forward-thinking organizations can get the most out of their investment by unleashing OpenText Aviator’s AI capabilities on their already well-structured knowledge bases. 

Of course, new OpenText customers can benefit from the power of OpenText Aviator as well. The only requirement? A relentless and uncompromising focus on data quality. Without it, generative AI – whether it’s from OpenText or another company – cannot generate optimum value. Luckily, delaware can help. 

OpenText x delaware: end-to-end information management today and tomorrow

Together, OpenText Aviator and delaware offer an advanced, genAI-powered solution for end-to-end information management. Combine OpenText’s powerful technology and open architecture with delaware’s 15 years of data management and governance experience, and you’ve got yourself a holistic solution that covers all your organization’s current and future needs.

Future needs? "Generative AI is shifting us towards cognitive processes, allowing machines to not just predict, but also understand and create, marking a significant leap in how we interact with technology,” says Johan Raedemaekers, delaware’s Alliance partner for OpenText. “With Aviator, OpenText is taking a significant step in making this vision a reality and helping organizations to fully embrace the digital workplace.”

let your data take flight with OpenText Aviator

Johan Raedemaeker

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