Winshuttle completes delaware offering with streamlined ADM

Winshuttle completes delaware offering with streamlined ADM

Application data management, the managing of master data within a single application (e.g. SAP), is quickly gaining momentum. That’s why delaware is pleased to announce the addition of US-based ADM solution Winshuttle to its offering.
“In an age where data really makes the difference, Winshuttle offers a powerful tool to seize control and streamline processes.”
— Edel Boone

Simplified and streamlined data management

With 25% of data considered critical but flawed, and 86% of organizations declaring a positive impact on their revenue after investments in data quality, streamlining master data in processes and workflows continues to be a top priority. For SAP users, Winshuttle offers a pragmatic and smooth solution.

“With Winshuttle, companies can upload and manage their (master) data en masse using a familiar Excel interface and out-of-the-box synchronization with SAP,” explains Edel Boone, responsible for Data Management at delaware. “This can reduce the time it takes to enter and manage data by up to 90%. Winshuttle also effectively streamlines data governance and workflows through intuitive, role-based user interfaces, and automatically checks data quality and consistency.”

Getting started with Winshuttle is easy and takes just a few days. Get in touch with our experts to learn how.