The 5th Table: an exclusive roundtable for business leaders to co-innovate

Dec 09, 2020
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This close partnership between Duval Union and delaware is empowering Marketing and Sales executives to maximize returns on investment in game-changing marketing technologies by ensuring a structured approach to innovation. Please welcome: the 5th Table.

Picture: The Fifth Solvay Conference

As an executive, driving business value is your ultimate goal. Ensuring short-term results while keeping pace with the accelerating speed of innovation isn’t just improbable – it often leads to expensive investments in unproven technologies that fail to deliver. The key to harnessing martech innovation with impact? A methodical, business-first approach to co-innovation that results from concrete experiments to business cases for the intelligent martech solutions of tomorrow. Take a seat at The 5th Table.

The 5th Table is an exclusive roundtable of business executive peers that gather quarterly for one year to explore, test and build concrete and tangible business cases for martech that drive business value.

Whether it’s based on applied AI, customer intelligence, or even smart media consumption,… it’s all about the result and proven business cases that we care. So the members of The 5th Table themselves are in the driving seat to vote and decide which co-innovation projects will get to the execution stage.

What’s in it for you

  • Identify in a hands-on, business-specific way which smart marketing use cases and technologies work – and which don’t
  • Take concrete business cases and roadmaps home that offer proven business value
  • Spend less and get more out of your investments in marketing technology
  • Move faster and more decisively than your competitors
  • Meet your peers at the executive level

Duval Union, together with GrowthAgent, and delaware are teaming up to deliver this roundtable, ensuring an experience that emphasizes technological exploration as well as actionable outcomes.

Intrigued? Inspired? Ready to enhance your results by applying proven martech? Nominate your company for a seat at The 5th Table. We’ll get in touch with you to tell you more. 

(Registrations are closed.)