delaware retains exclusive Microsoft Azure Expert MSP status for the fourth year running

Jun 22, 2023
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delaware successfully passed the annual re-certification audit to retain its Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) status for the fourth year in a row. This renewed badge confirms delaware’s profound knowledge and experience to deliver high-impact Microsoft Azure services to its customers. With this much-coveted certification, delaware is ranked among the 100 most qualified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP partners worldwide.


Picture: part of the 50+ #peopleofdelaware that were involved in the preparation of this audit.

Highest Azure-related certification

Within its long-standing partnership with Microsoft, delaware was one of the first certified Azure Expert MSPs. The status is Microsoft’s highest level of Azure-related certification and rewards only the most capable and experienced partners in the world. 

To ensure Azure Expert MSPs continue to meet Microsoft’s increasingly stringent set of standards and requirements, the status is audited every year. Among the aspects investigated are the efficiency and performance of delaware’s service organization, the skills and capabilities of Azure consultants and support staff and the vision of its partners. delaware once again passed the audit with flying colors.

Leading Microsoft Azure partner

“Participating in this intensive program challenges us to continuously improve in order to remain a valuable and qualified Azure Expert MSP,” says Tom Vandewinckele, Solution Lead cloud services. “The renewed certification is a rewarding recognition of our consistent commitment and proven capabilities to guide customers through their end-to-end cloud journey. Next to that, it greatly reinforces our position as leading Microsoft Azure partner.”

delaware’s unique partnership with Microsoft has reached unprecedented heights lately. Besides this year’s renewed Azure Expert MSP badge and numerous other certifications, delaware was also recently awarded by Microsoft holding all seven designations, a level of expertise only 2% of global partners demonstrate. “We’re motivated to build on this success and continue to refine our knowledge and capabilities to deliver world-class Microsoft services,” concludes Tom Vandewinckele. 

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