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Meet 24Flow, the dFund-powered shop floor and manufacturing platform

Mar 10, 2021
  • press release

24Flow, a powerful shop floor and manufacturing platform developed by delaware partner Scalefactory, will be the first initiative to join the dFund venture-building program. The Salesforce-based workflow and app platform helps manufacturers reduce throughput time and enables full transparency and traceability. Via dFund, 24Flow receives a significant investment in cash, shared resources and business services, as well as personal coaching, to accelerate its growth. 

Bridging the gap between managers, value chain and factory floor

“Built using off-the-shelf Salesforce applications, 24Flow is a unique, modular workflow platform that helps manufacturers become more customer centric while navigating uncertainty,” explains Stijn Wijndaele, enterprising partner at Scalefactory. “By building a bridge between the shop floor, the ERP system, and the company’s entire value chain, 24Flow enables maximum traceability and transparency, while also considerably improving planning efficiency and shortening throughput time.

“Initially aimed at made-to-order production businesses, 24Flow is all about increasing flexibility and getting the exact right product to the right customer, at the exact right time. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface gives each stakeholder – from operators to the operations manager – a clear and personalized overview. With 24Flow, organizations can enjoy all the benefits of Salesforce, but in a clear and concise package with tangible impacts on the shop floor.”

A discrete venture into process manufacturing

As of 16 March 2021, 24Flow is a fully independent company with solid ties to its parent company, Scalefactory, and with delaware through dFund. In this way, the software solution is perfectly positioned for further growth. Stijn: “The backing from delaware opens a lot of new doors for a small company like ours. On top of that, we believe that 24Flow can offer a lot of benefits to the process industry as well. delaware’s considerable expertise in this domain will certainly be a boon in this department. And last but not least, we’re excited to have access to delaware’s team of data scientists in further developing AI solutions for 24Flow.”low

With its newly launched dFund venture builder, delaware aims to accelerate young ventures – like 24Flow – that have a significant impact on business processes in key industries. The goal? Building a sustainable, long-term product business through a tailor-made and personal approach. To help achieve this, delaware will act as an implementation partner, coach, sparring partner, challenger, reseller and integrator throughout the course of the project.


About Scalefactory

Scalefactory, founded in 2018 in Ghent by enterprising partners Stijn Wijndaele and Erik Dierinck, is a fast-growing business transformation partner. With a successful track record of over 100 projects delivered in the manufacturing, logistics and high- tech industries, we use technology such as Salesforce to help companies automate their business processes, adding value from lead to cash. Thanks to our no-nonsense approach, a lean-and-mean methodology and our continuous focus on KPIs, we overdeliver on ROI.

Note: dFund is now known as ventures by delaware.