Scalefactory accelerates growth ambitions via close collaboration with delaware

Jun 29, 2020
  • press release

Scalefactory, a Ghent-based end-to-end process orchestration partner for the manufacturing, logistics and high-tech sectors, is teaming up with renowned IT and management consulting services provider delaware. "Through this collaboration, we want to accelerate Scalefactory's growth," says Thierry Bruyneel, partner at delaware Belux. "At the same time, it enables us to deliver effortless experience solutions to our customers."

Founded in 2018, Scalefactory is a fast-growing provider of end-to-end digital transformation solutions for the manufacturing, logistics and high-tech sectors. “We automate and optimize processes from lead to cash,” explains co-founder and enterprising partner Stijn Wijndaele. “Because of its many possibilities and excellent usability, Salesforce is the main facilitator and the foundation of our offering. However, our priority is business process optimization, providing our customers with the best business solution possible to suit their needs – independent of technology.”

Complementary on multiple levels

"Why did we choose delaware as a partner to accelerate our growth? Because they complement us in multiple ways – including the technical and organizational levels," Stijn Wijndaele continues. "By joining forces, we can maximize our growth and expand our integration expertise. On top of that, there is a very strong cultural match between our companies as well: we have a shared appreciation for a hands-on, no-nonsense approach, and we’re both committed to customer excellence and quality.”

End-to-end process orchestration

This process focus is exactly where the goals of Scalefactory and delaware are aligned and caters to a broader need in the market. “The Scalefactory know-how complements our vision and ability to execute projects in the domain of effortless experience: the transformation path towards customer loyalty,” says Michael Penninckx, partner at delaware Belux. “By collaborating on the development of new platforms and ecosystems, delaware is leveraging a future-proof business model and enriching our current offering with Scalefactory's award-winning solution.”

“By exploring Salesforce technology, we complete our portfolio of world-class technology platforms to architect and build total solutions that can be tailored to the needs of each individual customer. In this way, we commit to our promise to deliver end-to-end solutions.”

Scalefactory at the helm

Scalefactory will continue to manage its growth path with its own go-to-market via Salesforce projects and through its 24Suite solution offering. Stijn Wijndaele adds: “With 24Suite, we introduce 'solution components' such as that integrate with Salesforce seamlessly and helps companies to reduce their throughput time. Every 'component' enables you to focus on improving a different aspect of the value chain. The goal is to shorten the time to value for our clients and to accelerate service delivery.”