delaware strengthens low-code market position

Dec 06, 2022
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Leander Lams designated as Expert Developer and Most Valuable Professional by Mendix

Leander Lams, Senior Low-Code IT Business Consultant at delaware, has been designated as Expert Developer and Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by low-code development platform Mendix. Worldwide, very few professionals combine both titles, as it is the highest possible nomination within the Mendix environment. This exceptional achievement together with the exponential growth of delaware’s Low-Code and Automation team contributes to the increasing importance and expertise of delaware in the low-code market.

The promising future of low-code and Mendix 

Mendix, a subsidiary of Siemens and important partner of delaware, is a fast and easy low-code platform that enables organizations to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale. In an ever-growing digital and software-driven world, businesses make every effort to digitalize their activities to realize their business objectives and extend their services. The market demand for application development services is growing faster than the IT capacity to deliver them. Moreover, traditional software development is tedious and error-prone. Therefore, the demand for low-threshold development methods is expected to keep on growing. Mendix low-code technology narrows the gap between business and IT, by enabling non-developers to create applications through visual and declarative techniques, overcoming the restraints of traditional programming.  

Leander Lams joins the select group of Mendix MVPs with an expert developer certification

Mendix gives acknowledgment to low-code professionals by means of developer certifications and their MVP program. The expert developer certification is granted after a profound evaluation of the consultant’s requirements, motivation, project descriptions, customer references and portfolio. The certification proves expertise and experience in addition to knowledge and skills. The Mendix MVP program acknowledges professionals who help building the Mendix low-code community.

Only 28 low-code professionals worldwide can call themselves both Mendix Expert Developer and MVP. Senior Low-Code IT Business Consultant Leander Lams proudly joined this select group. The senior consultant has been MVP for some time, and more recently, Leander’s expertise was rewarded with the Mendix expert developer certification. Being able to appropriate both titles is a solid and highly exceptional performance within the Belgian low-code environment.

Leander hereby contributes to the future of delaware. “These titles are a big asset for me personally, but also for delaware, as the low-code market attaches great importance to certifications,” said Leander Lams. “I want to use my Expert and MVP designation to give our clients even better tailored advice and customized solutions. However, I can only offer our clients the right solution by sparring with colleagues from different teams first. As such, being Expert Developer and MVP is particularly valuable in interaction with all #peopleofdelaware.”

delaware’s low-code team and expertise are growing exponentially 

“delaware has become a full-fledged player in the low-code market during 2022,” said Matts Devriendt, Low-Code and Automation Solution Lead at delaware BeLux. “Firstly, our recruitment numbers speak volumes. The Low-Code and Automation team impressively grew by more than 150% this year. Additionally, the team has never obtained so many certifications in different technologies, and thanks to Leander’s MVP and Expert nomination on top of these certifications, delaware is now market leader in terms of low-code. Finally, the team has a proven track record of over 50 different customers within different industries. This combination of factors depicts a promising outlook for 2023.” 

winning in a software-driven world with Mendix