Going big on Azure: delaware commits to boosting Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

Sep 10, 2020
  • press release

delaware has reached an agreement with Microsoft to boost the adoption of Azure Cloud. Earlier in 2020, delaware announced the renewal of its Microsoft Gold Partnership and Azure Expert MSP status. “This new agreement builds on our existing partnership with Microsoft and is completely in line with delaware’s cloud-first approach,” explains Peter Oyserman, founding partner at delaware. “At the same time, it’s a testament to Microsoft’s trust in delaware as a partner, and to the growing importance of Microsoft as part of our offering.”

Peter Oyserman & Didier Ongena, at the age of 12 & now

A two-way street to greatness

The ‘Multi Year Datacenter Migration’ commitment is bidirectional: on the one hand, delaware commits to helping a certain number of businesses and organizations make the transition to Azure Cloud. To achieve this goal, delaware’s sales team is applying a new sales strategy, segmenting prospects in terms of potential, needs and technological maturity. 

Microsoft, for its part, will provide delaware with even higher levels of support and resources, granting access to its most coveted technical talent. For example, delaware’s experts will be able to leverage the full potential of Microsoft’s sales tools and applications to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

“Together, delaware and Microsoft are working toward the same goals: innovating and delivering new solutions. Driving success and digital transformation for customers. Continually improving how we serve them,” adds Didier Ongena, Managing Director Microsoft Belux. “The strength of our stack and the reach and expertise of partners such as delaware make our joint goals achievable, our offering unique, and our impact undeniable.”

delaware’s unique potential to go big

As a Microsoft partner, delaware has always differentiated itself through its pioneering attitude. “We were one of the first to adopt SAP on Azure, as well as the first partner in Belgium to obtain the Azure Expert MSP status,” explains Peter Oyserman. “Subsequently, we were able to deliver excellent results. One of the main reasons for this is our end-to-end approach, from exploratory meeting to actual migration and operations management. With this new commitment, we will be able to take this approach to an even higher level. I’m extremely proud of where we are today in our partnership, and I’m confident about our future together.”