delaware joins Microsoft’s AI Inner Circle Program

Oct 18, 2018
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As of Monday 8th of October, delaware has extended its existing partnership with Microsoft by joining an elite partner group: the AI Inner Circle Program. This program recognizes delaware's expertise and ability to deliver AI solutions and to stimulate business transformation by putting AI to full use.

This program is fully in line with delaware’s vision to let our customers grow towards truly smart. AI has the potential to be a catalyst for digital transformation, setting the pace for innovation and helping people excel. As a one-stop shop with more than 15 years of experience in data and analytics in numerous industries, delaware embodies a team of over 100 consultants specialized in doing more with your data. From choosing the right technology or clearly articulating a data strategy roadmap, to guiding you through putting trained AI models in production and change management afterwards, we’ve got you covered.

Many companies have discovered that, although it is fairly easy to apply AI and get quick results in a proof-of-concept environment, it can be a challenging task to build a system of AI applications that interacts with various data pipelines, security infrastructure, specialized hardware, strict release management or certain governance. Unlike a thumb drive, enterprise-scale AI is not standalone, plug-and-play technology and requires multiple aspects of your business to collaborate and a specific skillset to implement. To further develop the way we do AI, delaware now receives direct access to Microsoft AI resources, including invitation-only technical trainings, insights in their AI best practices and a close relationship with Microsoft’s AI teams.

At delaware, we work closely with our clients to enable enterprise-wide digital transformation. To join the partner program, delaware was required to provide evidence for the successful delivery of AI projects, using Microsoft technology in the fields of chatbots, cognitive services and general machine learning-powered applications. All submitted cases needed formal validation by our customers. We would like to thank them for choosing delaware for their AI projects and for their time invested in collaborating with us to join this program.

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