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delaware is now a certified Kentico Gold Partner

Mar 04, 2021
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As of January 2021, delaware is a certified Gold Partner of the all-in-one CMS platform Kentico. In the last few years, this .Net-based solution has been turning heads with its modular approach, which caters to the needs of a growing number of companies.

Originating in the Czech Republic, Kentico offers some 40 ‘modules’ that can be combined to cover website management, mobile apps, intranet, e-commerce, social networking and marketing automation. In this way, it offers an attractive compromise between functional richness and license fees. Moreover, Kentico’s customer support is known to be extremely efficient: response time is generally no longer than a few hours.

Unlocking key opportunities

“Kentico’s unique setup puts it in an interesting niche between large enterprise solutions like SiteCore and lesser-known startups,” explains Olivier Cuvelier, business developer at delaware. “Thanks to its scalability, it provides more freedom in terms of time and budget. And because it’s based on the latest .Net-framework, it won’t be quickly outdated.”

Combined with delaware’s technical expertise and experience with CMS implementations and digital marketing, Kentico provides significant value for businesses looking to take their customer experience to the next level. “Thanks to our Gold Partner status, customers can be confident that we have what it takes to bring their project to a successful conclusion. We look forward to further strengthening Kentico’s reputation as a household name for CMS in the region.”

Boost your digital marketing with Kentico